Ten of the best things about not having kids

And we could keep going...

Of course kids are great and having them can be fun and fulfilling and magical and all the things. And so can being childfree. It’s not about one being better than the other, it’s about highlighting the best parts of the life you have. And because not having kids can be a choice that goes against societal (and familial) expectations, we think it’s important to celebrate it. So here are ten of our favorite things about being childfree.

  1. Your house is occasionally quiet.
  2. Your surfaces are rarely all sticky at the same time.
  3. You’ve (probably) never showed up to work with a sticker on your shirt that you had no idea was there.
  4. You get to read books that don’t have cardboard pages.
  5. You get to sleep on planes unmolested.
  6. You can poop with no one watching you, unless you have a cat.
  7. You can eat ice cream at any time of day without having to hide in a closet to do it.
  8. You’ve (probably) never had your lipstick absolutely roasted by a toddler.
  9. Naps. All the naps.
  10. You get to have things you care about without fear that they’ll be destroyed.

And there you have it, folks: ten more reasons to stay on top of your birth control.

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