July 2023 horoscopes: Things are heating up

We're celebrating cancer season

Summer is in full swing, but it’s not just the heat of the sun that’s starting to intensify. July’s planetary drama is set to be scorching, too. Sign shifts for mental Mercury, libidinous Mars, and the fate-defining Nodes of Destiny bring changes on both a macro and micro scale. Meanwhile, Venus retrograde kicks off in fiery Leo, putting a major reality check on our love lives—but also helping us to build more confidence. There’s lots of magic to be found amidst July’s madness, so embrace the heat of the moment.


June 21st -July 22nd

Happy birthday season, Cancer! July kicks off with a powerful full moon in your partnerships sector that’ll help you process all sorts of emotions in love. It’s a time to let go of burdensome narratives that are holding you back from being your true self in relationships and beyond. Two weeks later, the new moon in your sign will renew your spirit, so set some mystical birthday intentions! The end of the month gives you a chance to check in on your post-birthday-season finances and tap into your sensual side, so slow down and focus on yourself.


July 23rd - August 22nd

Lusty Mars is traveling alongside romantic Venus in your sign for the first third of the month, Leo, so take initiative in relationships and indulge your carnal passions! Your communication game is especially on point mid-month, too—so if you need to have a sensitive conversation with a special someone, now’s the time. Once Leo season starts on July 22, the solar spotlight is on you, so get ready to shine and sparkle like the star that you are. Just keep in mind that Venus retrograde starts the same day, so your love life may undergo some revisions.


August 23rd - September 22nd

The month opens with a gorgeous full moon in your romance sector, bringing an influx of passion to summer situationships and long-term relationships alike. Lusty Mars hits your sign on July 10, boosting your sex drive and motivating you to pursue your desires more assertively. Go after what you want, Virgo! But by the time Venus retrograde rolls around on July 22, curling up in bed with your vibe might be the vibe. You’ll get a burst of mental energy once chatty Mercury hits your sign on July 28, helping you put your daydreams into words.


September 23rd - October 22nd

The full moon on July 3 hits close to home for you, Libra, so cuddling up with a lover or getting cozy with a rom-com is definitely the vibe. Plus, you could use the downtime, as your career and social life are buzzing with energy all month long. Just keep in mind that on July 17, the Nodes of Destiny will shift into a significant part of your chart, kicking off a pivotal two-year-long cycle that’ll fully realign you and your relationships. If you’re willing to shed your old skins, your love life will level up, too.


October 23rd - November 21st

You’re feeling adventurous as we kick off this month, Scorpio, so explore your wild side and try to add some spice to your relationships. The full moon on July 3 is a time to speak your truth and tell your crush or significant other exactly how you’re feeling. The new moon, two weeks later, will offer much-needed perspective. Your career is on fire all month, too—so it’s important that your partners are able to be supportive when you expend some extra energy on professional endeavors.


November 22nd - December 21st

Your heart is extra sensitive right now, Sagittarius, but the full moon on July 3 is a great time to get your mind off the emotions by tapping into your sensuality. Don’t ignore your feelings, though—being honest about your fears and vulnerabilities will actually bring you closer to your lovers, especially throughout the middle of the month. Once Leo season rolls around on July 22, you’re feeling much more like your fiery and adventurous self. Shake off the heaviness and start exploring new people, ideas, and sex positions. Rawr!


December 22nd - January 19th

The month opens with a full moon in your sign, so put yourself out there and express your true feelings. By mid-month, you’ll be ready to let off some steam with some adventurous time in the bedroom, so loosen up and try something new. Between the new moon and Venus retrograde, the latter half of July marks a period of deep introspection regarding your fears, vulnerabilities, and hidden desires in relationships. It’s time to clean the skeletons out of your closet when it comes to love, so don’t be afraid to get raw and real.


January 20th - February 18th

Relationships are a huge theme for you throughout July, Aquarius, so set aside time in your busy schedule to focus on the dynamics of your romantic commitments. Communication with partners gets much easier mid-month, which is helpful for opening up a dialogue about what you want. This is the perfect mental precursor to Venus retrograde, which kicks off July 22 and will give you a chance to dig deep and redefine your relationship values entirely. No more sweeping resentments or unmet needs under the rug!


February 19th - March 20th

You’re floating on a cloud of romance this month, Pisces, so make sure your birth control method of choice is locked and loaded! New opportunities to ignite passion with a current lover or spark a connection with a new one are flowing your way, especially under the mid-month new moon. And once lusty Mars enters your partnership sector on July 10, you’ll feel empowered to make the first move when it comes to sex and love. The end of the month is ideal for having open and honest conversations about what you want out of your relationships.


March 21st - April 19th

Ooh la la, Aries—things are getting steamy this month! Carnal Mars is in your romance sector alongside amorous Venus until July 10, giving your sex and dating life a major boost. Mid-month marks the start of an important new cycle for you in the realms of identity and relationships, as the North Node of Destiny will enter your sign for the first time in nearly two decades. Once Venus retrograde starts on July 22, you might encounter a few run-ins with ex-lovers. Perhaps an old flame deserves a second chance?


April 20th - May 20th

The full moon on July 3 is perfect for getting your flirt on—and doing so can help bring about some helpful new perspectives, too. A week later, your sex life gets a major boost thanks to lusty Mars hitting your dating sector, so get your birth control locked in and start swiping! Matters of the heart get super tender once Venus retrograde kicks off on June 22, and sentimental memories of past romances may start flooding in. Balance out these big feelings by indulging in some passionate nights in bed, with a lover or on your own!


May 21st - June 20th

The full moon on July 3 kicks off the month on an intimate note for you, Gemini. You’re good at keeping relationships lighthearted, but now’s the time to go deep and get vulnerable with your emotions! Communication in your relationships takes center stage once Leo season and Venus retrograde begin on July 22. Prepare to revisit past conversations with a lover and start speaking the truths you may have held back on previously. Your heart’s truth deserves to be heard.

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