The best girl dinner comes with a side of birth control

Why not wash down your pill with olives and chocolate chips?

There’s truly nothing better than a dinner that involves preparing exactly nothing, feeding exactly no one but yourself, and consists of whatever the heck you want it to consist of. Enter girl dinner. Sometimes girl dinner might be a brownie and a bowl of frozen blueberries. Other times it might be cold chicken and a spoonful of peanut butter eaten over the sink. The options are endless. We’ve always done it, and now it has a name.

As if we need another reason to love girl dinner, you can also use it to help yourself remember to take your birth control pill. It can be hard to remember to take your pill at the same time every day and one way to remember is to do it at the same time as you do something else every day, like brushing your teeth or eating dinner.* And what is birth control if not the best, most hard-working, most loyal side dish you’ve ever had.

So here is the inspo you didn’t know you needed for girl dinner with a side of birth control:

*Note that if you’re on the mini-pill, or progestin-only pill, you have to take it within the same 3-hour window every day for it to be effective at preventing pregnancy, so if you aren’t brushing your teeth or having dinner at a consistent time, stick to setting an alarm as a reminder to take your pill.

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