All the ways we're saying "Thanks, Birth Control!" in 2023

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We’re turning up the volume on gratitude with our annual shout-out extravaganza: Thanks, Birth Control Day! It’s the day we come together, raise our voices, and share the myriad ways birth control has made our lives better.

From the deeply personal stories to the cheerfully cheeky tweets, every declaration is a celebration. Dive into 2023’s 11th annual jubilee and discover the chorus of thank-yous echoing across our vibrant community! Here’s why people are saying #ThxBirthControl in 2023:

1. For all the different ways it can help us.

2. Because it’s literally helping us save the planet!

3. Because we love our lives (complete with fur babies) as they are!!

4. Because it’s gender neutral.

5. For allowing us to follow our dreams.

6. Because there are SO MANY OPTIONS.

7. For giving us the space to make art.

8. Because wanting to have smokin’ hot sex is reason enough!

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