Sweet (& sexy) holiday gifts for each zodiac sign

Get them something naughty and nice

There are countless ways to show love and appreciation in relationships, but during the holiday season, it’s all about gift-giving, baby. Finding the perfect present for your significant other isn’t always easy though, so if you need some inspiration before you start filling up your online cart, why not turn to the stars as a guide? Whether you’re shopping for a partner, a FWB, or just a cuffing season fling, you can sprinkle a little cosmic magic over your gifts this year by keeping their astrological vibe in mind.

Here are some sweet (and sexy) holiday gift ideas for each zodiac sign that are sure to please in more ways than one. You can buy what’s suggested, or just use this as a jumping off point—after all, you know your lover best!

Aries: Games—but for grown-ups

A little competition can be a turn-on for a fiery Aries, so treat your lover to a sexy and romantic game this holiday season. A fun conversation-based game like The Ultimate Game For Couples is a great way to get to know each other on a deeper level thanks to the cards’ interesting questions and prompts—and as a bonus, it can be played against other couples for an extra competitive touch. If you want to turn the heat up a notch or two, go for a racy board game like Strip Poker For Couples, which puts a spicy twist on a well-known classic. Full of erotic dares and sensuous rewards, it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

Taurus: A seductive candle for a luxury vibe

Pleasure is a full-on sensory experience for an earthy Taurus, so a luxurious and gorgeous-smelling candle is the ideal gift to get them in the mood. The handmade Angel Plus Size Candle from CTOAN Co. is a fabulous choice, as it comes in a variety of alluring scents and also doubles as a stunning art piece that celebrates the beauty of all bodies. If you want to treat your Taurean lover to a more hands-on experience, snag a “Taunt” Massage Candle by DedCool, as the aromatic wax can be used as a deliciously scented body-safe massage oil once melted and cooled—paving the way for an even more sensual experience.

Gemini: A juicy book to stimulate the mind

The quickest way to a witty Gemini’s heart is definitely through their brain—so a sexy and mentally-stimulating book is a great holiday gift for these air signs. They may enjoy the newly-released Shameless Sex by Amy Baldwin and April Lampert, which is a sex-positive guide to embracing your full potential and pleasure as a lover. Alternately, they’ll have fun perusing The Astrology of Love & Sex by Annabel Gat which highlights the cosmic compatibility between each pair of zodiac signs with an open-minded tone. Read these to each other in bed as a little bit of intellectual foreplay.

Cancer: Sexy & soothing spa accessories

Comfort and self-care are super important to sensitive Cancers, so treat them to some luxurious at-home spa accessories this holiday. Baths are essential to these water signs, so they’ll love the Bath Salts Spa Gift Collection from Being For Skin & Soul, which includes three different aromatic salt blends that make for a soothing spa-like bathing experience. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll share a soak! A luxe 100% cotton bathrobe like the chic unisex Super-Plush Robe by Brooklinen is another great choice, as it’s perfect for drying off post-bath, relaxing post-sex, or just getting cozy at home.

Leo: Sultry lighting to set the mood

Leos love to be in the spotlight—which is why the right lighting can make all the difference in setting the stage for their erotic playtime. The sleek Smart Corner Floor Lamp from Govee provides a gorgeous color-changing glow and syncs with the beat of music, so it’ll bring a favorite sex playlist to life. If your Leo lover is a little bit extra (as these lovable fire signs tend to be), they’ll go wild over the highly-customizable Curtain Light from Twinkly, which is made of smart LEDs that display more than 16 million colors. Now they can change the vibe of their room according to their mood (and have the best-lit sexy selfies—just saying).

Virgo: Aphrodisiacs to titillate the senses

Wellness-loving Virgos are deeply attuned to their bodies and senses, so they’ll appreciate the Cloud Nine Massage Set by Oui The People, which includes the brand’s 100% beechwood Shape Shifter massage tool and a delightful hydrating body gloss. Offer to give them a test run using their new gift! Your Virgo lover may also enjoy the rich and voluptuous flavor of the Chocolate-Raspberry-Rose Soulmate Tea from Magic Hour, which is designed to be shared with someone special. Having a cup of this delicious tea is a relaxing way to wind down and ease into an intimate experience—either alone or together!

Libra: A gorgeously erotic piece of art

Romantic Libras love beauty more than almost anything, so keep aesthetics in mind as you shop. They’re ruled by the planet Venus, so a pretty pink Venus de Milo Vase from Pop & Pour is a fun way to honor the goddess of love while adding some foxy flair to their space. Pair with a bouquet of fresh flowers, of course! If you want something a little racier, check out the majestic hand blown Phorcys glass sex wand from Kindred Black. It’s so gorgeous that your Libra lover can easily display it in their home (when they’re not enjoying it in the bedroom, of course).

Scorpio: A (secretly) sexy piece of jewelry

Seductive Scorpios love to embrace their mysterious side, so they’ll be totally into flaunting a classy piece of jewelry that secretly doubles as a sex toy. Gift them the stunning Vesper necklace from Crave—an elegant and modern piece that also serves as a sleek and powerful external vibrator. If your lover prefers an edgier look, try the ID Cuffs, which look fabulous worn as a cuffed bracelet in the streets, but are great for light restraint play in the sheets. For an extra intimate touch, Crave offers personalization on both pieces, so you can engrave them with a special message of choice.

Sagittarius: Some fun & kinky toys

Wild-hearted Sagittarians are always seeking new experiences, so experimenting with a sprinkle of kink can be fun and rewarding. If you’re both open to the idea, gift them The Flirt Bundle by Bloomi, which includes a compact and curvy vibrator, a set of flexible handcuffs for exploring restraint and bondage play, and a luxe pouch for taking your toys on the go. If that’s not in your comfort zone, Kinky Truth Or Dare is another great option. It’s a super-spicy spin on the classic sleepover game, full of titillating questions and activity prompts that’ll put your Sagittarian’s adventurous spirit on full display.

Capricorn: Sensual sleeping accessories

Capricorns like to work hard and play hard, so once they hit the hay—whether for a rest or a romp—they want to do it in luxury. That’s why they’ll appreciate high-quality bedtime accessories like the Weighted Silk Sleep Stone Mask from Baloo, which is made of 100% Mulberry silk. Its innovative design will help them get some shut-eye after a long day’s work (or a particularly passionate encounter). If you want to go all out, treat them to the Luxe Sateen Core Sheet Set from Brooklinen, which boasts a luxurious 480 thread count and a silky-soft buttery feel. Sleepovers at their place just got a major upgrade.

Aquarius: A high-tech romantic gesture

Forward-thinking Aquarians aren’t into traditional romance, so putting an innovative spin on things will totally turn them on. Keith Haring’s Lovebox is an excellent gift choice, as this special piece of technology connects to wifi and can receive messages, drawings, or photos from anywhere in the world using the Lovebox app. Plus, it features artworks by Keith Haring, who is known for his social activism—another aspect your Aquarian lover will appreciate! For a more analog touch, an instant-print camera like the Fujifilm INSTAX Mini Bundle With Film is perfect for capturing tangible memories (and taking sexy photos of each other to keep in your underwear drawer).

Pisces: A spellbindingly mystic memento

For mystical Pisces, love and sex can be a spiritual experience, so inject a little magic into their holiday gift by leaning into the more esoteric side of things. If they’re into divination, they’ll love the Goddess Of Love Tarot by Gabriela Herstik, which puts a gorgeously sensual and romantic spin on the classic 78-card deck. If you want something you can do together, dip your toes into some love spell action by snagging a Love Struck Couples Magic Candle from House Of Intuition, which is meant to be lit with the intention to bring you both closer together.

If you want to give a present that makes a difference, consider making a gift to Power to Decide to support our mission to ensure access to comprehensive reproductive health services, education, and resources for all. By donating to Power to Decide, you’re helping to make Bedsider.org and AbortionFinder.org possible! Now that’s something that all zodiac signs can get behind.

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