Refresh your love life this spring

Let love bloom

Whether you’re looking to find someone you click with or breathe new life into a current relationship, spring is the perfect time for a romantic renaissance. Use the spirit of the season to freshen up your love life, and before you know it, you’ll be ready for a steamy summer.

1. Put yourself out there

For those riding solo, spring is a fantastic time to get back into the dating scene. Life around you is waking up again, and so should your dating apps! Update your profile pic and show off all you have to offer with some new tidbits about you.

2. Leave the house

Be real—you probably don’t leave the house as much as you’d like (at least not for fun reasons!) in the winter. Spring is the ideal season for getting back outside, perhaps with some allergy medicine in tow. If you’re single, consider joining a local hiking group, volunteering at a community garden, or starting a tradition of weekend picnics with friends. Doing things you love is a great way to meet new people who share your interests. Couples can swap their usual date night for together time outside—try a bike ride, a beach day, or outdoor dining.

3. Change up your look

With the new season comes a great opportunity to refresh your wardrobe. Shed the heavy layers and dark colors of winter and opt for something that makes you feel alive and like your true self. A fresh outfit can boost your confidence, whether you’re heading out on a first date or just want to catch your partner’s eye.

4. Commit to your own pleasure

Spring is all about renewal, so what better time is there to focus on self-love? This might mean setting aside time for self-care, exploring new interests, or simply buying some new sex toys and giving yourself the pleasure you deserve. Whether you’re in a relationship with another person or not, you are the true love of your life, and investing in what brings you joy and satisfaction will always pay off.

5. Start new conversations

Spring is a season of growth, and it makes the ideal backdrop to set intentions that align with your romantic desires. Use this time to cultivate deeper conversations with a partner about your future together. Or if you’re single, reflect on what you’re looking for from a relationship and go into dating experiences with a commitment to asking for what you want.

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