June 2024 horoscopes: Embrace sizzling summer fun

It's gemini season

Relationships are heating up as the summer solstice draws near, and the astrology of June is bringing some sparkling opportunities to manifest love and connection. The chatty vibes of Gemini season put everyone in a flirty mood for the first few weeks of the month, while a special planetary aspect called the Venus cazimi on June 4th kicks off a new cycle in romance. And once the solstice arrives on June 20th, it’s officially time to round up your spring flings and embrace some sizzling summer fun.


May 21st - June 20th

Happy birthday season, Gemini! It’s all about you this month, and with seductive Venus in your sign through June 17th, trust you can use your wiles to charm anyone who catches your eye. Glam it up. Make a birthday wish under the new moon on June 6th, because the universe is conspiring to make your most romantic desires come true. Emotions run deep once the summer solstice hits, so be extra vulnerable with your lover(s) under the intimate full moon on June 21st.


June 21st -July 22nd

This month starts off slow, so you have cosmic permission to linger in bed for some extra self-pleasure time if you need it. When you know how to please yourself, everything else is just a bonus. Seductress Venus dips into your sign mid-month, so take this as an opportunity to explore something (or someone) new. Your birthday season starts June 20th, and the full moon the following day is the perfect time to level up a current relationship or manifest a dream partner.


July 23rd - August 22nd

Spring flings are on the menu this month, but you won’t find them without a little effort. Hit up a speed dating event, take things to the next level with someone you’ve connected with on a dating app, or just get fancied up for a night out under the new moon on June 6th and see who you meet. Romance is in the air this week! Your social battery might feel a little drained during the latter half of the month, so plan ahead by penciling in some bonding with your lover(s) or some sensual quality time with yourself.


August 23rd - September 22nd

You’re on fire at work right now, and your ambitiousness is sexy. Focus on getting your bag and building your confidence, and your love life will be as red-hot as your reputation. Once the summer solstice comes around, you’ll be ready to strut your stuff and be a little more social. The full moon on June 21st is one of the sexiest of the year, so turn up the dial on romance and prioritize passion, whether with a committed partner or someone new.


September 23rd - October 22nd

If you’re craving a little extra excitement when it comes to love this month, simply ask—and maybe you shall receive! Suggest trying something new in the bedroom with a partner or otherwise switch up your usual routine to spice things up, especially under the new moon on June 6th. Your career might rev up once the summer solstice hits, but you won’t regret putting on something sexy and having a fun night in with someone special under the full moon on June 21st.


October 23rd - November 21st

Deep feelings reign supreme through the first half of the month, and intimate encounters will feel a little more vulnerable as a result. Let your heart open up, especially under the new moon on June 6th. Carnal Mars hits your relationship zone a few days later, inspiring you to take initiative in relationships and infuse more passion into the picture. Your wild side emerges once the summer solstice arrives, and you’ll be ready to flirt the night away under the full moon on June 21st.


November 22nd - December 21st

Your love life takes center stage through the first half of the month, and you’ll encounter lots of opportunities to deepen current romantic connections or manifest new relationships. The new moon on June 6th is your time to make a move! Once the summer solstice comes around, you may be craving a bit more depth and intimacy, so have some heart-to-hearts with your loved ones and be real with yourself about what you want. There’s no shame in having desires.


December 22nd - January 19th

Your schedule may be jam-packed, but a spa day, couples wellness retreat, or romantic hike or picnic are all perfect ways to spend the new moon on June 6th. Passionate Mars starts lighting up your romance zone a few days after, so don’t be afraid to make the first move in the bedroom or on a dating app. The summer solstice really heats up your relationships, and the full moon in your sign on June 21st is the perfect time to go after what you want.


January 20th - February 18th

Your love life heats up as summer approaches, and the first week of June promises to be especially steamy. Set up some date nights, say yes to a hookup, or do a love spell to manifest your dream partner—especially under the dreamy new moon on June 6th. Mid-month is the perfect time to flirt or have a heart-to-heart with a lover, so send that text without a second thought. A little solo time under the full moon on June 21st can also help you process your feelings.


February 19th - March 19th

Home is where the heart is this month—and it’s probably where you can have the best sex, too. Spend the new moon on June 6th cuddled up in bed with someone special, Netflix-and-chill style. You’ll feel more like venturing out once the summer solstice hits on June 20th, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to date around or bring more passion into an existing relationship. The full moon the following day is your excuse to grab your crew for a flirty night out.


March 20th - April 19th

Get your flirt on as the month begins, especially under the new moon on June 6th. Relationships are always sexier when you open the lines of communication, whether that looks like a deep heart-to-heart or pure pillow talk. Once the summer solstice hits, you might feel a bit more like a homebody—but who says you can’t enjoy the pleasures of romance from the privacy of your own home? Invite someone over for a sexy sleepover and have some low-key fun.


April 20th - May 20th

The month kicks off on an indulgent note, so give into every pleasure possible under the new moon on June 6th. A few days later, lustful Mars hits your sign, revving up your libido through the rest of the month and motivating you to chase after whatever (and whomever) you desire. Mid-month onward brings lots of tender-hearted flirtations and sweet words shared with your lovers. Plan a sexy vacation or staycation in honor of the summer solstice.

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