What we know about you (and what you should know about you)

5 things about you that are awesome, right here, right now

  1. You are here. That’s our way of saying you’re alive and if you’re alive, you’re in the game, baby. You have time to pursue your dreams, learn things, see the world, love people, and take a big ol’ bite out of life. Take a deep breath. That’s you living. Now go out there and enjoy your day.

  2. You matter. You better believe it. There’s something in the way you smile, talk, give, get, share, write, sing, cook, think, work, love, and laugh that makes a big difference. You are pure potential. You light up a room in ways you don’t even know. Look in a mirror. You’re exceptional just as you are.

  3. You have choices and freedom. What you wear. What you watch. Who you vote for. What birth control you use. Who you sleep with. How you live your life. It’s all up to you. You’re in control. Not everyone has it this good. Do something today that makes you feel happy and liberated.

  4. You are a sex goddess. Embrace it. Doesn’t matter if you have a partner or not, your body is a beautiful thing and you are an orgasm waiting to happen. And your mind has just as much to do with you sexuality as your body, so think about what makes you feel good… Explore your body and your thoughts. Getting to know what makes you feel sexy IS sexy. You can’t lose.

  5. You are a badass. Yep. It’s true. This is a wild world and it requires strength, courage, and smarts to make it work. Just showing up makes you one tough chiquita in your own way. Don’t ever underestimate how strong you are and what you can handle.

Remember that,

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