Hello, 2011: The year of the upgrade

Happy New Year! But why stop there? Happy new you, new birth control, new whatever you want.

We’ve got a good feeling about 2011 and we’re ready to go big and embrace a thousand possibilities (all of them good). If you’re feeling it too, join us.


  • Make the first move. Go after the guy you like, the job you want, or the dream you never really pursued. The outcome doesn’t even matter. Sometimes you’ll get it. Sometimes you won’t. You’ve just got to trust that being bold and going after things gets you closer to what you want out of life.

  • Try a new position. There are so many to choose from. Start with reverse cowgirl and go from there…

  • Upgrade your birth control. Want something easier, cheaper, or more reliable? We can help.

  • Study something that intrigues you. Is there a class you’ve always wanted to take, but you’ve written it off? Stop that. It’s waiting for you. From learning French to capoeira to filmmaking, this is the year to be bold and sign up.

  • Let it go. Life is really effing hard and most of us get hurt at least once. But the hard stuff doesn’t have to hold you back. Spend the next 12 months moving through past pain and see how good it can feel to process things, face them, accept them, and let go.

  • See the world. Yes, a trip to Cairo or the Caribbean is undeniably cool, but so is simply exploring your state. Go anywhere. See new things, gain perspective, and post the pics on Facebook.

  • Shake things up. Routines are necessary. So is ditching them. From relationships to sex to your job, try not to get sucked into any ruts this year. Don’t fear being judged or scrutinized. You’re in charge. You only answer to you. And you can create change any day of the week.

  • Calm things down. Frenzy, excitement, and drama have their appeal, but feeling grounded, peaceful, and lucid are equally delicious. If it’s time to tip the scales towards calm and clarity, downshift and take things a little slower.

  • Have more orgasms. Doesn’t matter how you have them, just have them.

  • Get involved. The world needs you to care, vote, volunteer, give back, and be heard. You don’t have to partake in all of that, but doing some of it will make you feel good while doing good.

Now go out there and show 2011 who’s boss,

P.S. Do you ever forget to take your birth control? Make this the year you sign up for our free reminders.

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