Airport x-rays: The naked truth

Long lines at the airport are annoying. Security checks are totally necessary, but some of their tactics are controversial. Reports say there are almost 1,000 full-body x-ray scanners being used in U.S. airports. As many of us get ready to fly somewhere for Thanksgiving, we just want to know this: What can they really see in those machines?

The good news is that they’re not seeing your la la all up close and personal. (Not like a gyno would at your annual exam. Thank goodness.)

They are seeing something though. This is potentially what it looks like.

Some of the newer machines don’t show your curves in any kind graphic detail. They create generic images and make you look more like an ambiguous gingerbread cookie. While these full-body scanners may be better for privacy, there’s still no denying that they are invasive.

And wearing two bras, three layers of undies, and a huge turtleneck sweater won’t help. They can all see through clothing to detect shapes and anomalies in case you’re concealing something underneath your clothes. We get that that’s important. Fortunately, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is not saving and storing these images.

Keep in mind that you can choose not to go through a full-body scanner, but opting out means you have to go through a rigorous pat-down.

After writing this, we now see them as x-rays and not sex-rays. And that’s a bit of a relief. We know they may still make you uncomfortable, but if you have to use one, hopefully you can get through it with a better understanding of the technology and get on with your travel. After all, you’ve got things to see and people to do. Wait. Reverse that.

Travel safe,

P.S. Have you ever wondered if the pill causes women to gain weight? Wonder no more…

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