Hello, seat warmers: How to rock a winter road trip

We told you how to do it when it’s hot out, but once the cold weather kicks in, you need new rules. If you want to pile in the car and get out of town this winter, here are a few things you should know to keep yourself sexy and safe.

Stay warm. Duh, right? But how many times have you relied on the car heater instead of planning to generate your own heat. Pack one blanket per person; bring lots of layers including a hat, scarf, socks, and gloves; and stash some matches or a lighter in case you get stuck and need to build a fire. Please do this even if you’re driving through balmy Southern California. (OK, you might not need gloves in places like San Diego, but bring the rest.)

Yes, sex generates heat, but this is one time when that’s not our point. However, if you do get hot and sweaty with someone, bring enough birth control to cover your whole getaway.

Stay hydrated. Coffee drive-thru’s make us happy. And dehydrated. Bring extra bottled water, drink it, and replace it as you go. It’ll keep your energy up (important for long trips), fight colds, and keep your skin supple and healthy too.

Stay together. Don’t wander off in new surroundings. Watch out for each other when you head to the restroom and don’t go out to the car alone while everyone else is in the diner eating warm gingerbread pancakes. Even if you meet someone who sweeps you off your ski boots, don’t isolate yourself if you don’t know them well.

Stay prepared. That means bringing maps, getting a winterized tune-up before you go, knowing how to drive when the weather turns crazy, and bringing stuff like chains if you’re heading to the snow. Here’s a really good list of everything you should do before taking off.

Stay in the moment. (Get ready. We’re about to get all Zen on your ass.) We only have this moment, so make the most of it. Make time to get together and get out of town. Worry less. Laugh more. Embrace your freedom and friends. Let go of the stuff that holds you back. And have fun and adventures whenever you can.

On the road again,

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