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Hear real women and men share their very real experiences with different methods of birth control.

Nicole, 21, diaphragm

Nicole sums up the perks of her diaphragm like this: it’s easy to use, undetectable, and reliable. She likes that it’s there when she needs it, but there’s no long-term commitment.

Even though the diaphragm is easy to hide once it’s in—and it’s important to Nicole that her choice of birth control stays private—at some point it has to be inserted. If Nicole’s already in the heat of the moment, she just has to be “clever” to secretly get it in there.

When it’s necessary, Nicole doesn’t mind using a back-up method that’s harder to hide. She also uses male and female condoms—the only methods to prevent the spread of STIs.

I use the diaphragm—it's spontaneous like me.
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