Party sex. Drunk sex. Smart sex. Safer sex. Having it all.

Does the party season ever really end? No. It just gets more ambitious. This time of year, invites start to double. Then alcohol consumption doubles. Then our search for hangover cures doubles. That’s why it’s important to make sure you and your birth control can handle the festivities.

Before the Party

Make a plan with your friends to stay connected. Really. Make a plan. A few simple precautions can help make partying safer when you’re out together.

During the Party

Doesn’t matter if it’s a Halloween party or an office party. Always watch your cup. Don’t accept drinks handed to you by strangers (or creeps you know, but don’t trust). And try not to get sick from too much booze.

Party-Ready Birth Control

Take a look at the birth control that works best if you plan to drink and possibly hookup. Ideally, in this situation you’ll want something that works without you having to remember it in the moment.

Then take a look at the methods that prevent STIs. You’ll want one of these too, in case you spontaneously wind up in bed with someone. So get on a reliable, no-fuss method and carry condoms when you go out. That will keep you covered if party sex—or drunk sex—happens.

Why do we sound so stern? We just really care about you and want you to have fun without any worries. We’d even be your designated driver if we were going out together. (BTW, make sure you have one of those too.)

Here’s to enjoying every event you go to!


P.S. New rules and regulations have changed who can buy various types of emergency contraception. Know your options, just in case.

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