Don’t go changing: Why imperfections are hot

There’s Padma’s scar, Seal’s facial marks, and Mark Wahlberg’s third nipple. Kate Bosworth and Mila Kunis both have two different colored eyes and Madonna and Anna Paquin have gapped teeth. A quick Google search on Hollywood imperfections will showcase many more stars with deformed toes, missing fingers, and lazy eyes, but none of these unique features have gotten in the way of big careers and adoring fans.

When it comes to celebrities, a physical flaw can make them unique, relatable, and drop dead sexy. Good news: The same is true for you.

Basically, what you might consider flawed, many others might consider mysterious, quirky, endearing, or hot. Really. It happens all the time. Some girl is relentlessly teased in grade school over her crooked smile and she goes on to become a model known for her signature off-kilter grin. Or some guy’s childhood bike accident scar becomes the thing that is most kissable when he grows into it and gains confidence.

Then there’s the whole sexual chemistry thing. Some couples set off romantic fireworks based on how they connect. Looks aren’t what initially draw them together, yet they can’t keep their hands off each other. And according to Psychology Today’s Attraction Doctor, having an awesome personality can also make a person more attractive (and physical flaws less noticeable).

Embracing imperfections is key because confidence is a head-turner and usually what people notice first. But loving a special physical trait isn’t always easy, especially if you were made fun of or criticized for it. Fortunately, you can learn to love what makes you you—and we hope you will—but it takes practice.

Now, because we always support your health and happiness, we’ll understand if you ever choose to have an imperfection altered. Hell, Enrique lost his mole. So did Sarah Jessica Parker. Just make sure you know you’re amazing just the way you are. Every single day.


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