February horoscopes: Start flirting now

Valentine’s Day is approaching. Chinese New Year is almost here. We even get a three-day weekend for President’s Day. February looks good from where we’re sitting, so read on and get ready for an excellent month.


Exploration. Expansion. You’re going big in February. You may find yourself less interested in monogamy and more drawn to multiple partners and/or friends with benefits. As you question commitment for you, try not to judge friends who still want it in their relationships. And get ready for hot, edgy, intense sex towards the end of the month.


You’re exuding love, sensuality, and attractiveness this month. As the worries of your complex inner world quiet down, take time to get in touch with your physical needs—if you know what we mean. And if work or school get overwhelming, stay calm by keeping your head down and staying productive. You may experience an energy dip, so lounge around more than usual, all in the name of taking care of yourself.


Anchors away, Aries—we see smooth sailing for you in February. Any issues with bosses or big projects should settle down and if friendships or relationships have become a bit rough around the edges, you’ll be able to happily mend things. After the 25th, prepare for a hot time in bed. (Like, stock up on birth control ASAP hot.) Your instincts will also be on fire this month, so trust your hunches.


Does it feel like you’ve gone the extra mile towards a long-term goal, but you’re not getting the recognition you deserve? Go to your friends, vent, and let them give you the empathy you need. The urge to have some deep, sticky, chick flick-flavored love might hit you early this month. Don’t fight it. It looks like you may even attract a sensitive new love interest who really sees into your soul.


We see two kinds of friction for you. In your social circle, where you may be experiencing—and causing—some drama. (Try not to be a troublemaker.) And in your love life, where you seem to crave something flirty and fun. (Try to be patient.) Connecting with solid, tedious things will actually boost your confidence now, so clean the bathroom or purge your closet. By March, you’ll have a fresh burst of energy and exciting, new projects to tackle.


Your caring, sensitive side stands out now and someone special will find it particularly alluring. From the 1st to the 20th, you’ll have no problem drawing in the emotional connection you’re looking for. It looks like you’ll be a grounding force for a friend around the 1st. Be gentle and understanding, but avoid trying to save them. And be careful with your reproductive health this month. It might be easier than usual to get a UTI.


Ready! Set! Go! You’re experiencing fiery bursts of energy, but others feel like wet blankets. For your sanity, channel your passion into work this month. (And wash your hands a lot or pop some vitamin C. You may be more susceptible to catching a cold.) Towards the end of the month, your love life heats up. Wear something sexy on the 27th and be on the lookout for an unexpected new lover.


If you feel confused this month, remember that you have a few superpowers up your sleeve to keep you from flying off the handle. Use your ability to focus; it’ll help you find clarity. Use your ability to pause; it’ll help you contemplate why you feel the way you do. And some sexy distraction may show up during all of this. Consider keeping your distance if the person feels like a heartbreaker.


If you encounter a fork in the road and don’t know which path to take, wait it out. By the end of the month, you’ll know what to do. (That includes whether or not you stay in a relationship.) This February is all about self-reliance and taking on responsibility. Sounds scary, but your ideas, intuition, and creativity are kicking ass right now.


Are you hibernating? Have you been lounging around the house in your fluffy slippers and robe? Ditch them. Now. For you, February is all about sex. You’ll have divine powers when it comes to pleasing others. This will make you unforgettable. It’s also a time of massive creativity, so don’t hold back; sing, dance, and make stuff! And if something tests your patience around the 6th – 10th, give it some space and practice compassion to understand it better.


New friendships and relationships may take on a sense of obligation this month. Even at work or school it’s as if you’re drawn to increased responsibility. While this may surprise some, you’ll be up for the commitment and have plenty of determination to see it through. Towards the end of February, reward yourself for all your effort. BTW, your charm is off the charts right now, so go out and have fun with that.


You’re normally the serious, take-charge type, but your sensitive side shows up in February. Mystical things both intrigue you and make you feel a bit uncomfortable, but trust the universe when it brings you a new spiritual perspective. This otherworldly insight will enrich everything, including sex, health, and your spirit. Speaking of sex, this is a fabulous month to explore your deepest urges. (Just make sure your birth control can handle it.)


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