January extended horoscopes: Your 2015 sneak preview is here!

In the coming year, we wish you more. More of what you hope for. More of what you need. More love, luck, health, happiness, courage, excitement, sass, and sex. We want you to enjoy your birth control and the peace of mind that comes with it. And we want you to squeeze more out of 2015’s 365 days so you get even more out of life.

To kick it off, we’ve got extended horoscopes that cover January and the year ahead. Find your sign, take a look, and get ready for your best year yet.


What to expect in 2015: If you’ve felt stuck, that is going to end in 2015. Your energy is going to bust the doors wide open as you explore who you are, why you’re on the path you’re on, and how you can let go of burdens that don’t serve you any more. This is a time of authenticity and being honest with yourself—two things that will improve your sex life, relationships, and career. Get ready to unearth the real you. It’s going to be amazing.

Important dates: Prepare to be heard around the end of April. Your communication is going to be potent and effective, so use it to your advantage in all areas of your life. Then get ready for early November, which could be one of the most sexually intense periods of your life so far. If you’ve never had an O, now could be the time for your first.

Your January prediction: A healthy glow. A warm smile. Your cool, classy charm is drawing people to you during early January. But there might be a lightening strike interaction with a boss, friend, or acquaintance that could leave you frazzled and asking, “WTF?” It’ll feel kinda random. Hang tough and it’ll pass.


What to expect in 2015: You know how to make things happen. And sometimes you want them to happen all at once, immediately. But this year is all about finding your balance and that’ll require some forethought. You will still get what you want. It’ll just come with some planning and personal growth.

Important dates: In early March, if you want dates and lots of action, you’re going to get them. You’re attracting people left and right and out of the blue. This is a time that supports freedom and fun, which might not make it easy to be in a relationship. By October and November, your problem-solving logic will hit a new high. Try to work on relationships and personal challenges during this time. Asking for what you need is an incredible lesson to learn.

Your January prediction: Hmmm. Is there an unconventional person you are interested in? Has an old friend professed their love for you? Prepare yourself for people admitting they want something more. We see the potential for unwanted car trouble, a surprise tuition hike, or increased bill amount, so try to be careful with your funds. There’s also a potential case of the over-doing-its in January. Careful with partying, stressing, and overdoing it in general.


What to expect in 2015: Sometimes we know our place in the world. Sometimes it’s a mystery. This year you’ll work hard to define who you are, what you’re doing, and why. The good news is that means you’ll also be gaining perspective and wisdom. If the process ever gets stressful, stick to relaxing, healthy diversions that bring out your passion, fulfillment, and joy.

Important dates: In early February, someone is going to find you absolutely irresistible. You’ll exude sexuality, passion, and some goddess-like divinity that may lead to mystical ecstasy in the bedroom. Love is going to be your escape this month. By the end of April you will experience a clear mind and easy communication. This will be a great time at school or work. Remember to stay physical at this time. The energy and momentum from a good workout will help you stay focused and healthy.

Your January prediction: A powerful person may enter your life in January, quite possibly a love interest. Get ready for some sexual tension. Mid-month, your sensual side comes out and you’ll feel more bohemian, spiritual, and earthy. People will find you extra enchanting, so go out and make the most the social chemistry you’ll have. One note of caution: If work or school brings you down and you lose a bit of confidence this month, take a step back. You might be making more out of it than there is.


What to expect in 2015: It’s time for you to stand up and be counted. This is a power year for you, but it won’t come easy. There may be some crying on your BFF’s shoulder outside the club. Stay true to yourself and know your self worth and you’ll attract the relationships and opportunities that are best suited to the fiery rock star you are. Be cautious with birth control and STI prevention. This is not a year to drop the ball on your sexual health. That said, this is the year to ask for what you need sexually and tell your partner just how you want it.

Important dates: Early March, especially the 1st - 10th, is sizzling hot for Aries. You are sexy as hell and you know it. In June, whatever left you disappointed at school or work will develop into something even better, so have faith. In September, try to be sensitive to what your close friends are going through and don’t burn any bridges.

Your January prediction: Don’t worry if January gets off to a slow start and you feel run down, sick, or disappointed. It gets better. Your energy, confidence, and creativity are all going to get a boost this month. Your finances and motivation are also in good form. Emotionally, it looks like you might experience a delicious, deeper connection with a lover. We’re talking soulful sex, especially around the 18th.


What to expect in 2015: Magnetism. Poise. Strength. This is your year to lead. Your natural authority is going to shine bright and you’re going to attract people who aren’t afraid of your power. You might even become one half of a power couple. Get ready to receive recognition and on the flip side, get ready to curb any expensive habits. You may be tempted to overspend this year. Try not to.

Important dates: April is all about action. Especially around the 21st. You’ll feel athletic and empowered, so consider beginning a training program for something sporty. When you reach your goal, you will get a nice, big confidence boost. October is your time for smoldering hot, sexy romps. You’re going to stop people in their tracks and in the bedroom it’s you on top. (That’s a good reason to stay on top of your birth control too.)

Your January prediction: Say yes to invitations. A classy, sexy, flirty time awaits you and you’ll glow when you go out. The first half of the month is a time of great confidence for you. (And people are totally attracted to confidence.) There may be a kerfuffle with a friend around the 7th. You’ll be able to set healthy boundaries and deal with it. As the 20th approaches, you may crave a little more spirituality in your life. Yoga, meditation, or even a Tantric workshop might be just the thing you’re looking for.


What to expect in 2015: You have so many questions. Half the time you’re trying to figure stuff out. The rest of the time you’re super curious. All of this exploration and questioning is going to help you find your truth. And when you know what’s right for you, life opens up in beautiful, supportive ways; so don’t be afraid to search for answers. Health-wise, make sure you get enough sleep, even if it means fewer nights out or not sharing a bed after sex because you need your own space for optimal rest.

Important dates: A boss or teacher might challenge you in April, but it’s going to propel you out of your norm and flood you with new ideas. That’s a good thing! And it may inspire travel or the desire to take a unique class, so let the adventure of newness begin. In July, you may be sweating at the gym or rushing through an airport when you catch someone’s eye who is turned on by your physicality. Meet their gaze and flirt back. This is a great time to show off your wanton side.

Your January prediction: Um, your sexual appetite is crazy hot now and you’re attracting cool creative types, like musicians, artists, and academics who want to share your bed. In a relationship? It may be that you and your lover get more creative in the bedroom. This is a good time to redecorate a room or your cube at work with something exotic, quirky, or interesting. It’ll be a wonderful reminder to feed your need for adventure and curiosity.


What to expect in 2015: Bumpy rides are okay as long as the destination is worth it…and it is. This year is about you tapping into your strength and vitality. You want to feel more alive and you will. Maybe it’ll take quitting your job or going through a breakup. Maybe you’ll feel lost for a little while. The journey will bring you towards greater resolve and happiness. And please keep in mind, birth control, kidney health, and STI checks will be really important for Cancer this year.

Important dates: Someone close is going to need you around the first week of February. Fortunately, you are insightful, compassionate, and totally there for them. In October, especially around Halloween, you may spend some funds on spooky fun. You’re going to feel vivacious and ready to hit up party after party. BTW, that will also be a great time to have good, connected sex because you’ll be very in tune with your partner.

Your January prediction: This is a good time to focus on wellness and reproductive health. It’s also a good time to practice self-control in case an authority figure goes off on you. Don’t explode or respond in the emotion of the moment. It’s their power trip and it will blow over. Mid-month is a creative time for you, so enjoy the arts or work on some art. Expressing yourself is going to feel really, really good.


What to expect in 2015: This year is full of throw-you-in-the-spotlight awesomeness. Hell, you barely have to try and you’re going to blow people’s minds. Love, jobs and better income, fun and adventure—they are going to find you. And you’re going to feel like it’s a whole new world with fewer limitations and lots of momentum. Now is the time to go after what you want. (That includes better sex.)

Important dates: Woah. Early March will bring a jolt of electricity to your love life. You’ll be trying new things in the bedroom, possibly with someone who has more experience and a desire to show you the ropes. Stay open and have fun with it! The week of June 22nd might bring a raise or new source of income. As financial resources open up to you, make sure you start investing and/or saving for your future.

Your January prediction: If you find yourself partying more than usual, you may miss a day or two of work. Be careful with that. Overindulging to the point of excess won’t feel good. For Leos in a relationship, try to keep your feet on the ground even if your partner tempts you to do too much, spend too much, or give too much. And we see this as a very insightful time for you, so allow yourself time to ponder life and change as needed.


What to expect in 2015: Even if it doesn’t feel like it, you are well on your way to where you need to be. This is a year to clear up illusions. You might feel like leaving a job or significant other but not know where to go. Try not to get too frustrated and don’t compare yourself to others. You are very good at clarifying what you want and figuring out how to get it, and you’ll be able to do that in 2015 even under pressure. Dealing with this kind of pressure can make you feel run down, so rest up when you can.

Important dates: Around April 25th an important interaction with someone special is going to help you focus and gain momentum where you were previously stuck. This could even occur in the bedroom and lead to better Os. Then in the first week of November, you might have an a-ha! moment and overcome something that was holding you back. This will build confidence and unleash a flirty, sexy new attitude.

Your January prediction: You are feeling positive in January and able to help others squash conflicts before they even happen. That will have others appreciating you. From the 16th onward, you might feel low energy. Try to rest and take care of your health. This month also sets off some massive change in your life’s direction. (Part of you probably suspected it.) Get ready for some influential, powerful advice. (Just don’t act on it until later in the spring.)


What to expect in 2015: You like harmony and balance, but this year is all about revolution and shaking things up. It’s as if there’s a pressure building inside you to change all your routines and responsibilities. You want more. You want satisfaction. And you are willing to ruffle some feathers to get it. Good for you! You need this time to define your life and happiness without worrying about others. Just be sure to find down time because radical change can wreak havoc on your nervous system.

Important dates: Early January is a time when you’re going to step up and use your diplomatic skills to help someone in need. (You really are amazing when it comes to reason and logic.) Mid-June is your time to flirt and go for the crush you’ve been dreaming about. This will be an easy, breezy month for you. Money won’t be a problem. Sex will be creative and exquisite. Go with the flow in June!

Your January prediction: Who’s throwing their power around and causing you stress? The good news is that only lasts through the beginning of January. This is a great month for work and you can expect to be rewarded for your efforts and accomplishments. In bed, sex with a clingy, emotional person might leave you cold towards the end of the month. Maybe it’s time to find someone who makes you feel excited, inspired, and understood?


What to expect in 2015: It’s like you’re wearing x-ray glasses. With intuition like yours, you can see everything and the insights you have are incredible. This is going to help all of your relationships, as you’ll become much more understanding. It will influence your sex life too. You’re going to know exactly how to turn people on and this will lead to serious connectedness (and pleasure). Trust your sixth sense throughout 2015. It’ll serve you well.

Important dates: You are especially alluring in early February. Work. That. Magnetism. Your energy will be very seductive and with your intuition in full effect, it will feel like you can see into a lover’s soul. Mid-December will bring financial gains and excitement in your love life. Get into the holiday spirit and go out. You earned it.

Your January prediction: Your intensity will give you an edge at work or in school. Just channel your energy into productivity and you’re set. Now is also a great time for attracting the sexual intensity that you’re always looking for. Whomever you hook up with now will hold your attention for longer than usual. One note of caution: Avoid over-spending at this time. (After August is better for big purchases.)


What to expect in 2015: This is the time to cultivate your maturity, sense of responsibility, and work ethic. Although you tend to be excited by life’s dramas and impromptu adventures, you are going to develop a new ability to avoid impulsiveness or pettiness and get down to business. Not only that, but you’re going to see big rewards for your work in this area. Get ready for lots of opportunities! And while you will always make time for play, it looks like relationships and sex concerns may take a backseat to coffee and working on your laptop. It’s okay. You’ve got awesome shit to do.

Important dates: Early March you’re killing it at work or school and finding time to enjoy your social life. With so much energy, you’ll be a force of nature! You might have a taste for an unconventional romp at this time. A weekend trip with your friends might lead to next-day giggles over, “You shagged WHO?” By June, your finances should be really abundant. Try saving for a luxurious vacation. You’re working so hard, you deserve it.

Your January prediction: You’re talkative, confident, flirtatious, and firey. Go out. Be seen. Have fun. This is a good time to shop for new clothes. You may feel like updating your wardrobe with less conservative items. Go ahead and make a statement. This is your time to shine. Mid-month you may crave something weird to experience. If you do, go for it, but be careful.

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Happy New Year,

P.S. We’re not kidding about 2015 being your best year. Here are four more ways to kick it off with a bang.

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