The Frisky Friday Top Five: How to say period without saying period

Sometimes we’re happy to get it. (As in, OMG I just got my period and I’m so glad I’m not pregnant and it’s really time to upgrade my method of birth control right-effing-now.) Other times not so much. (As in, did it have to last my entire vacation?) And nowadays, thanks to birth control, we’re even able to plan for it or skip it altogether. But, no matter how you feel about menstrual cycles, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Having a period has inspired a lot of slang.

It’s all relative. Aunt Flo, Aunt Fanny, Uncle Bloody, Little Sister, and Cousin Red.

It’s no day at the beach. The Crimson Wave, The Red Tide, Parting the Red Sea, and Shark Week.

Be careful out there. Code Red, Girl Flu, The Curse, Lady Trouble, Falling Off the Roof, Red Menace, Red Storm, Menstrualcidal, The Great Flood, and Monthly Volcano of Doom.

It can feel like work. Closed for Business, Closed for Maintenance, Monthly Bill, and The Painters Are Here.

Too classic to leave out. That Time of the Month, Lady Days, Monthly Visitor, In the Red Tent, Leak Week, Moon Time, I Sat On a Tomato, I’m Sitting On a Nice Merlot, Big Red, The Red Fairy, Little Miss Strawberry, Jenny Has a Red Dress On, and Arts and Crafts Week at Panty Camp.

Of course there are hundreds more out there. What’s your favorite way to say period without saying period? You can add to the list in the comments. Or you can make the magic last and check out how to say vagina or penis without saying vagina or penis.


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