Frisky Friday Top 5: Crafty/sexy DIY projects

In the mood to make things? If the answer is yes, these projects are for you.

  1. Honey Crisp Apple Sangria. Ok, this is a cocktail and not necessarily a traditional craft project, but you still have to make it with your own two hands, so we’re counting it. It’s great for autumn, socializing, and crafting, so if you’re 21 and up, you could start with a batch of this.

  2. Balenciaga-inspired Crop Top. It’s def sexy. Almost a bit like a corset in the way that it flatters the bust and waist, yet you make it with a cotton tank. This one is hand-stitched; no need for a sewing machine. And unless you want to practice your Dutch comprehension skills, scroll down to find the instructions in English.

  3. Black and White Skull Scarf. You’ll need to know how to knit in the round, but if you have that skill, then this is one helluva cute scarf. It’s a teensy bit wicked (skulls and stripes) and warm (which makes it practical for this time of year), and you can wear it in bed with nothing else. (That’s the sexy part.)

  4. Fabulous Foot Scrub. Magical things can happen in your kitchen, like making a foot scrub that leads to the most amazing foot massages. Not into that? Try making lubricant that’s free of toxins or irritants. (You know you’re into that.) Please note: This lube is not latex-friendly, so it cannot be used with latex condoms. Here’s more about lube and condoms.

  5. Flirty Art Projects. A decorative art project for couples who like to spoon. One for those who like to do it by candlelight. Or one for those who like to fool around with blindfolds.

And if you don’t feel like making something, but you are up for buying something, check out Bedsider’s store where you can find t-shirts, posters, and more.


P.S. Here’s everything you should know about HPV—from one of the 80% of women who will have it.

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