Where the wild things get it on (and on and on)

Monkey business.

Sometimes, when your sex life is really compatible and enjoyable—and you’re loving your partner and your birth control—you want the sex to last and last. But that might be too much of a good thing, as in the case of a tiny marsupial species in Australia that has so much sex it literally disintegrates.

For two to three weeks a year, the male antechinus—which is a virgin up to this point—mates in a constant frenzy with some of his sexual trysts lasting up to 14 hours. He actually goes at it with such gusto that body parts start to fall apart. There’s internal bleeding. Fur loss. Infection and other gnarly maladies.

Even with all that, he still pursues more sex. Until he dies trying. (You can learn more here.)

What a way to go,

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