Celebrate good times: 20 theme party ideas for your next bash

When life’s a party, but you don’t want to host the same old get-together…here are 20 theme party ideas to inspire you.

  1. Pirates. Cocktails of the Caribbean. Wenches, buccaneers, and maybe an honorary Captain Jack Sparrow.
  2. Paris. Romance in the City of Light (La Ville Lumière). Serve bread and brie and champagne. Play Edith Piaf.
  3. Oktoberfest. Bavaria and brews and lederhosen and brats.
  4. Toga. Greek chic. Here’s how to turn a bed sheet into a toga.
  5. 50s. 60s. 70s. 80s. 90s. Turn your place into a time machine and plan the decor, music, fashion, and food around the decade of your dreams.
  6. Hollywood. Movies. Awards. Drama. Glamour. Screen films. Play some trivia.
  7. Prom. Throwback to high school. Make a DIY photo booth and find lots of props.
  8. Middle School Dance. So much more awkward than prom, which makes it 100x more hilarious. Dress like you did in junior high and play that music.
  9. Casino. Viva Las Vegas. Card sharks and show girls. Here’s how to host a casino night.
  10. Karaoke. The voice. Someone in your scene has to have one. This is the party where you find out.
  11. Mad Scientists. Call it the love lab and serve aphrodisiac drinks in beakers.
  12. Wine Tasting. Here’s how to host a wine soirée.
  13. Sail Away. Ahoy there, Sailor. You could go with an under the sea theme or just go nautical, put on your captain’s hat, and play some yacht rock.
  14. Starry Nights. Twinkle lights. Pillows and blankets. Constellation maps. Perfect for rooftops or backyards.
  15. Around the World. International food and drinks. Go global for your playlists.
  16. Dessert. Cookies. Candy. Cupcakes. All sweets. Piled high.
  17. Art. Dress as your fave painting or artist. Serve food that looks like art.
  18. Game Night. Twister. Bunco. Poker. Taboo. Apples to Apples. Charades. Pick any game you like and keep the competition friendly. (FYI, strip poker might be fun to play too.)
  19. Stoplight. Singles wear green. If you’re taken, you wear red. If it’s complicated, you wear yellow.
  20. 80s Ski Resort. There will be spandex, neon, and scrunchies. There will be epic playlists. There will be spiked hot chocolate.

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