5 signs you might be an eco-sexual

Happy Earth Day!

What’s an eco-sexual? It’s an environmentally and socially concerned person who applies their green way of living to their sex life. Can you relate? Here are five signs that you might be an eco-sexual or sleeping with one.

  1. You know how to say phthalates and why we should avoid them.

  2. Your candles double as energy-saving mood lighting and massage oil.

  3. Getting dirty is something you do in the garden.

  4. You know exactly where to get vegan condoms.

  5. You express your love in the form of cupcakes. Made to look like little globes with frosting hearts.

Want to learn more about sustainability and sex? Crack open the book, Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable. And if you honor the raw, wild side of Earth Day by getting it on, we hope you love and use your birth control.


P.S. Ever wonder how the things we put in our vaginas impact our bodies and the environment? Here’s what we know about that.

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