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How I dumped the pill and met the IUD
Two weeks ago, I ended my longest and most tumultuous relationship to date.
Birth control shot (Depo-Provera)
Stephanie, 23, the shot
It’s not constantly on my mind and I think that’s a great feeling.
Self-love & body positivity
How shaving caused me to (literally and figuratively) grow balls
Last summer I grew balls. I’m not saying this in an I-got-spunky-and-feisty kind of way.
Dating & hookups
The perfect threesome: Pulling out + spermicide + Caya
The new Caya diaphragm pairs well with some spermicide and the oldest birth control method.
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
My BFF has genital herpes
Her life-changing news altered my thinking about sexual health.
Health care
How to Get Birth Control Over the Counter
Grab birth control along with a gallon of milk and the latest gossip magazines.
Boundaries & consent
15 warning signs he doesn’t support your contraceptive choices
One in five young women say they’ve experienced pregnancy coercion.
Better sex
Comprehensive safer sex part 3: Take it to the next level
Always bring a raincoat, even if you’re not expecting rain.
SILCS: It's not your mama’s diaphragm (not her spermicide, either)
Could a new method to protect against both pregnancy and HIV be closer than we think?
Better sex
Comprehensive safer sex part 2: Reduce your risk!
Start by talking to your partner before getting down to your skivvies—and go from there.
Single no more? A fling with Invisible Boyfriend
Your phone can play music, remind you of important events, and give you directions. Can it be your boyfriend too?
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
My glamorous life with HPV
Everything you should know about HPV—from one of the 80% of women who will have it.
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