Birth control ring
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Birth control
All about hormones!
We love them, we hate them, we blame them for all sorts of things. But what do they really do?
Birth control
Can menstrual products mess with your birth control?
Rock an IUD or a NuvaRing and want to use tampons or a menstrual cup? Follow a few tips and you’re good to go.
Birth control
Can birth control make my acne better?
Whether you deal with acne all month or just around your period, birth control may be able to help.
Birth control
Gold-standard birth control: The IUD and the implant
More research shows long-acting reversible methods to be...freakin' awesome, basically.
Fertility Awareness Methods (FAMs)
Birth control for breastfeeding moms
Just had a baby? Congrats and good luck! Now, what birth control are you using?
Birth control
How to get a prescription filled
Ready to pick up your birth control? Here’s what you need to know before you go.
Birth control
Birth control methods with estrogen may boost vitamin D
The TLDR: Vitamin D levels benefit from supplements (duh), but birth control with estrogen may also make a difference.
Birth control
Birth control on the horizon: 2016 edition
In which we squint into the distance and report on everything we see over yonder.
FAQs - Birth control ring
How much does the ring cost?
Birth control
Risky business 2: Migraines, high blood pressure, and blood clots
For women with certain medical conditions, some birth control types are riskier than others.
Birth control
How to: Birth control and the pharmacy
Your one-stop shop for the pill, the patch, the ring, barrier methods, and emergency contraception.
Birth control
It's official! Oregon pharmacists can prescribe birth control
If you live in Oregon, you may be able to get the pill, the patch, or the ring straight from the pharmacy.
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