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The best way to spread some socially-distanced holiday joy


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This year has been rough on all of us and the holiday season already looks a lot different from what we might be used to. There will be no cookie swaps, no latke parties, no communal bowls of eggnog, and no gathering around a piano belting out seasonal songs. It would be understandable for anyone to want to crawl under the covers and bah-humbug it until 2020 is just over already. But maybe instead, we should spread holiday cheer and help this year go out with a bang (pun entirely intended) by giving the gift of good orgasms to our nearest and dearest.

Finally a song about lubrication

A few weeks ago, rappers Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion made a splash on the internet when they released their new single “WAP.” It wasn’t long before people were chiming in to express their love or distaste for the song’s bold subject matter. Well, count us as superfans! Here we present you with five good, solid reasons why we can’t get enough of “WAP.”

Because sexual health involves mental health too


communication , better sex, relationships

Some of the best sex happens when we’re just having fun and enjoying our bodies. But what happens when it’s not so fun and carefree? Whether it’s past trauma, having your sex drive not line up with your partner’s, or body shame that’s getting in the way of you getting on top, it can be tempting to go through rough patches in silence. After all, the snags in our sex lives and relationships sometimes work themselves out without much outside interference. And it can be daunting to imagine sharing intimate details with a stranger. But when a hurdle turns into an obstacle that turns into a problem you can’t get over by yourself, it’s okay to ask for help. That’s where a sex therapist comes in.

We all respond differently to stress. Some of us shut down sexually, while others feel a strong desire for connection. The last thing any of us needs is to be more stressed than we already were about where we fall on this spectrum. However your sex drive is responding to the state of things right now is completely okay. Read on to get tips (and a heads up about any potential weirdness) for your sign.