How to not break up on the side of the road

10 tips for surviving a long road trip together

Road trips can be super fun—the snacks, the podcasts, the wind in your hair—what’s not to like? But spending many, many hours in a tiny space with your partner could also lead to some…issues, if you’re not thoughtful about your approach. Here are 10 hard-earned lessons that will help you along your way:

1. Don’t hog the cupholders

Your old Starbucks and your new Starbucks don’t both get a place in the cupholders, as unfair as that may be.

2. For the love of Pete, don’t take work calls

If YOU think Karen is intolerable, your partner will probably find her even more so if they have to listen to 5 different meetings with her throughout the day. They may also begin to find you intolerable. And honestly, do you want them to hear you say “close the loop” 37 times? Do everyone a favor and take the day off.

3. Take turns DJing

There’s a limit to how much dad rock any human being should listen to, and there’s also a limit to how many true crime podcasts any human being should listen to. There’s enough out there in terms of entertainment that hopefully you can find something you both like, but at the very least, don’t expect to listen to your 90s jams for 8 hours straight.

4. Take turns driving

One of the great mysteries of the modern age is how and why driving, which is just sitting with slight foot movements, can be so exhausting. Nonetheless, it is. Share the strain.

5. Don’t sleep the entire time you’re off duty

This is just rude!

6. Don’t try to have serious conversations

The temptation may be strong for some of us, particularly those of us with anxious brains that are constantly scanning for problems, but don’t start sh*t during a long road trip. The driver is working. If you wouldn’t bring it up to them while they’re at work, don’t bring it up while they’re driving. Not to mention there’s no escape so if you need space during a tough conversation, you can’t get it. No one wants to be in a silent car with an angry person. Don’t be that person.

7. Prepare to feed the driver small bites of food

You are the mother hen, and they are your tiny, useless chick.

8. Don’t sit on social media watching funny things the driver can’t see

This is rude! Again, the temptation may be really strong here to check your socials, but at least stick to the quiet ones like Twitter and Facebook while you’re in the car.

9. Don’t drive like a maniac

If your driving style involves lots of yelling and honking, a long road trip with your partner may not be your best idea ever. Or you could just let them drive.

10. Don’t be a backseat driver

Gasping, desperately stepping on your invisible brake, clutching the door, and other similar behaviors are not conducive to a positive road trip experience. If your partner is driving like a maniac (see above), switch seats.


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