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6 things you can take care of before moving day

It seems like every movie that depicts a couple moving in together shows them unpacking in their cavernous new home filled with original details, playfully putting a dab of paint on each other’s faces, eating Chinese food (or sometimes pizza), and then having sex on the floor. If only we could all live such a charmed existence! But alas, there’s so much more to it than that. It’s not all fun and games, and it’s definitely not all sexy. So here are our top tips for getting through the process with your relationship and your sanity intact.

10 tips for surviving a long road trip together

Road trips can be super fun—the snacks, the podcasts, the wind in your hair—what’s not to like? But spending many, many hours in a tiny space with your partner could also lead to some…issues, if you’re not thoughtful about your approach. Here are 10 hard-earned lessons that will help you along your way.

Don't panic, it doesn't mean they're cheating


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Some people are more affected by the moods of the people around them than others, but even if you’re not a highly sensitive person, it’s totally understandable to be a little freaked out when your partner seems to be pulling away from you emotionally. But the fact is, they’re a person just like you with many complex emotions and dynamics in their life, and you won’t know what’s going on until you talk about it.

Moving on with no closure in 5 steps


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If you’ve ever been ghosted, you know how confusing and stressful it can be. You’re left questioning things you thought you knew and ricocheting between being afraid that this person is lying in a ditch somewhere and thinking they’re the biggest jerk in the world. Here’s how to handle it.