Emergency contraception
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Activism & politics
Mail order birth control for a good cause
Sweet! You can order the pill or EC online and help another person get birth control at the same time.
Birth control
Getting birth control online
A few clicks and presto...birth control shipped right to your door.
Activism & politics
Should the pill be available over the counter?
There are some good reasons for making the birth control pill available at pharmacies, no prescription needed.
How to avoid 6 common condom problems
Condom trouble? First, don't give up. Second, make sure you're using the right condoms the right way.
Emergency contraception
Men and emergency contraception: The saga continues
The good news: Dudes are totally allowed to buy emergency contraception! The bad news: Some pharmacies still haven't gotten the memo.
Emergency contraception
Emergency contraception: Why the weight?
Research suggests that emergency contraceptive pills may not work as well for women over a certain weight.
Emergency contraception
Panic time? Chat or text for instant answers
Before you go to your neighbor's best friend's cousin for emergency sexual health advice, try Planned Parenthood.
Birth control
Breaking News: A big win for emergency contraceptive access
Allowing access to emergency contraception without a prescription is a win for women of all ages.
Birth control
The pill, only when you get lucky
Imagine: things get hot and heavy, you pop a pill, and bam—you're covered against pregnancy.
Emergency contraception
IUD use is up—but not when it comes to emergency contraception
The copper IUD is the most effective EC option around, so why don't more people use it?
Emergency contraception
EC from a vending machine?
No, we're not talking about snacks with extra cheese.
Emergency contraception
It ain't easy getting emergency contraception
Don't believe everything the pharmacy tells you about whether you can access EC.
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