Fertility awareness
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Sex and Relationships
Your guide to sex without penetration
7 ways to have outercourse
Birth Control
Four plus-size women share the birth control methods that work for them and why
Because birth control isn't one-size-fits-all
Birth Control
Fact check: 10 things that aren’t birth control and 17 things that are
Including 10 legitimate non-hormonal BC methods
Birth Control
High-tech fertility apps: What’s the deal with Natural Cycles?
We're taking a closer look at Natural Cycles digital birth control.
Sex and Relationships
Sex in the news: March edition
Birth Control
Breastfeeding: good for baby—and for mom’s birth control
Effective birth control isn’t always a product made by a pharmaceutical company…
Birth Control
Side effects: The good, the bad, and the temporary
If you're worried about the side effects of birth control—or if you've had a bad experience—here are a few things you should know.
Sexual Health and Wellness
Getting pregnant: Yes you can!
Just because you haven't gotten pregnant yet does not mean you don't need birth control.
Sexual Health and Wellness
Pregnancy 101
The birds and the bees…without all the corny euphemisms.
Birth Control
Fertility awareness: Birth control and beyond!
Understanding your body's natural cycles can be useful for getting pregnant—and for avoiding pregnancy.
Birth Control
Which fertility and period tracking apps can you trust?
New research looks at which of the oh-so-many period tracking and fertility awareness apps out there actually work.
Birth Control
Low-effort fertility tracking coming soon: Priya Ring
Want to know when you're ovulating? A thermometer for your vadge may be just what you've been waiting for.
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