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Periods & vaginal health
How to make friends with your vulva
Yes, we said vulva, and you should too.
Birth control
Calling all women with Essure
How's this method of permanent birth control working for women in the U.S.? The FDA wants to know.
Birth control
One step closer to answers about Essure
If you're interested in how the FDA is responding to Essure safety concerns, now's your chance to read and comment.
Pregnancy & fertility
What you should know about the Zika virus
There's lots we don't know about the Zika virus yet. If you're globetrotting in the meantime, stock up on bug spray, birth control, and condoms.
Birth control
Effectiveness update: Birth control has gotten better (or we have)
New analysis says most contraceptive methods are working better than they have in the past.
IUDs are A-OK: Doctors say the best new birth control has been here all along
The super-effective IUD has officially shaken its bad rap—at least with doctors.
Birth control
What do guys know about their partners' birth control?
Men may not be as clueless about birth control as previously believed. (But we can't say for sure yet.)
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
HPV vaccine update: How many shots are really needed?
Getting the vaccine that protects against cervical cancer just got easier (at least for the youngsters).
Birth control
Essure update: FDA recommends new warnings
The FDA is recommending words of caution for the label of this permanent birth control method.
Birth control
Gold-standard birth control: The IUD and the implant
More research shows long-acting reversible methods to be...freakin' awesome, basically.
Birth control
Are guys big whiners or does hormonal birth control for men actually suck?
Another day, another male birth control method that won't make it to market. But let's not blame the dudes.
Birth control pill
Pill perk: protection against ovarian cancer
A drop in rates of death from ovarian cancer is yet another reason to say "thanks, birth control."
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