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Will an IUD make your period go away?
It may depend on what your period was like before you got one.
Fertility Awareness Methods (FAMs)
Which fertility and period tracking apps can you trust?
New research looks at which of the oh-so-many period tracking and fertility awareness apps out there actually work.
Birth control
Birth control methods with estrogen may boost vitamin D
The TLDR: Vitamin D levels benefit from supplements (duh), but birth control with estrogen may also make a difference.
Implant (Nexplanon)
Nexpla-what? The next generation of the implant has arrived!
You keep getting better, so why shouldn't your birth control?
Birth control
One-dose emergency contraception goes generic
Next Choice One Dose hit the U.S. market earlier this month.
Fertility Awareness Methods (FAMs)
Low-effort fertility tracking coming soon: Priya Ring
Want to know when you're ovulating? A thermometer for your vadge may be just what you've been waiting for.
Birth control
Oregon: Killing it when it comes to sexual health care
Portlandia isn't the only reason we love the Beaver State.
Birth control
It's official! Oregon pharmacists can prescribe birth control
If you live in Oregon, you may be able to get the pill, the patch, or the ring straight from the pharmacy.
Birth control
Birth control, by video chat!
Women in Minnesota and Washington can use an app to get the pill, patch, or ring.
Birth control
Yay! Pharmacists in California can prescribe birth control too now
More good news from the left coast: Californians can get the pill, the patch, the ring, or the shot prescribed directly at the pharmacy.
Birth control
Hormonal birth control for guys is still far, far away
We really hate to be downers, but most new male methods still have a long way to go before they're available to the public.
Birth control
Thanks, birth control! Accidental pregnancies are dropping
After 30+ years of no change, U.S. rates of unplanned pregnancy are on the decline. (Hurrah!)
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