Low-effort fertility tracking coming soon: Priya Ring

Want to know when you're ovulating? A thermometer for your vadge may be just what you've been waiting for.

Measuring your basal body temperature (BBT) as part of fertility awareness? There are some great apps to help simplify the tracking, but they still require you to take your temperature every morning. Now imagine a world where you could insert a ring into your vagina that would take your temperature for you…

Introducing Priya Ring

Priya Ring is a soft, flexible vaginal ring. It’s a little like the NuvaRing, but it’s thicker and instead of a hormone to keep you from getting pregnant, it has a sensitive thermometer to take your temperature. (The thermometer can have other benefits for your health too.) Priya is being marketed to women who are trying to conceive, but it could also work as birth control. You start using it on the last day of your period and wear it until your next period starts. The ring sends information about your BBT to an app on your smartphone every few hours.

We like that the company behind Priya is sharing the results of their studies. So far, the research shows that together the ring and app accurately predict ovulation.

There are still some unanswered questions

The company that makes Priya Ring is scheduled to start shipping it this fall, but we don’t know exactly when. (You can sign up to get a notification when they’re ready.) We also don’t know how much the sensor or app will cost, or whether it’s designed to be rechargeable or disposable each month. We’ll keep you posted as we get answers!