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Emergency contraception
How to get emergency contraception delivered to your door
Like the boss b*tch you are
Birth control
How to get birth control delivered right to your door
These mail-order services make getting your birth control oh-so-easy.
Health care
7 sexual health services you can get from the comfort of your own home
Telehealth can make your life so much easier
Health care
How to tell if your telehealth provider is protecting your privacy
Telehealth providers have to abide by HIPAA just like in-person providers
Health care
How much does telehealth cost with and without insurance?
Many insurance plans cover telehealth, and lots of telehealth options are affordable without insurance
7 Zoom backgrounds to spice up your virtual sex life
Unmade beds are so pre-COVID
Birth control
Coronavirus is giving us even more reasons to love our birth control
Loving not getting pregnant for us right now
Better sex
Sex in the news: Coronavirus edition
Better sex
Sex in the time of coronavirus
Everything you need to know before you self-quarantine
Health care
What telehealth is (and isn’t) and why you should use it to get your birth control
Skip the stress, get your BC delivered
Birth control pill
New mini-pill Slynd will allow users more flexibility in timing
The 3-hour window for taking the mini-pill will go up to 24 hours with Slynd
Fertility Awareness Methods (FAMs)
High-tech fertility apps: What’s the deal with Natural Cycles?
We're taking a closer look at Natural Cycles digital birth control.
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