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5 vasectomy myths, busted
Getting the snip gets a bad rap—but if you’re done with kids or never want any, don’t let rumors stop you from learning more.
Boundaries & consent
Birth control bullies: When your partner wants your method to fail
Messing with a partner's birth control is abuse—and it may be depressingly common.
Why use condoms?
"It's usually very assumed that we're gonna need condoms..."
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
How do you protect against STIs?
Before we had any sexual contact, we decided to go to the doctor together.
Getting the snip: Should it be me or my partner?
Sterilization is a big decision. Consider this info when you’re contemplating the procedure.
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
Guy's guide to sexually transmitted infections
"There's just no room for stress when it comes to good sex."
Dating & hookups
Guy’s guide to taking control of your sexual health
"I love my penis. And that's why naturally I believe in the power of condoms."
Birth control
What do guys know about their partners' birth control?
Men may not be as clueless about birth control as previously believed. (But we can't say for sure yet.)
Birth control
This is your junk on booze
Here’s what we know about how alcohol affects your brain, your body, and your birth control.
Birth control
Are guys big whiners or does hormonal birth control for men actually suck?
Another day, another male birth control method that won't make it to market. But let's not blame the dudes.
Guy's guide to better communication (in bed)
Guy Nottadadi is back, and he wants to make sex great again, America
Birth control
Hormonal birth control for guys is still far, far away
We really hate to be downers, but most new male methods still have a long way to go before they're available to the public.
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