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Sex and Relationships
Sex in the news: August 2019 edition
Sex and Relationships
5 reasons you’re not enjoying oral sex as much as you could be
And how to get over them
Sex and Relationships
10 ways to respond to rude questions about when you’re having kids
For all those well-meaning but nosy family members
Sex and Relationships
Want to try something new in bed? Here’s how to bring it up with your partner
Yeah, it could be awkward, but it could also be amazing
Lifestyle and Inspiration
Summer makeup hacks for when your hot girl summer is a little too hot
How to keep your makeup from sliding off your face even if you're sliding out of your chair
Sex and Relationships
How to give feedback in bed without crushing your partner’s self-esteem
6 ways to manage those tricky conversations
Birth Control
Mirena & LILETTA & Kyleena & Skyla & Paragard: A guide to figuring out which IUD is right for you
Or the members of an Icelandic girl band
Birth Control
New mini-pill Slynd will allow users more flexibility in timing
The 3-hour window for taking the mini-pill will go up to 24 hours with Slynd
Lifestyle and Inspiration
Is negative body image killing your sex life?
An intimacy coach shares what to do about it
Lifestyle and Inspiration
How to cope with wedding season when weddings hurt your feelings and your brain
And maybe you also hate dancing in public
Sex and Relationships
10 ways to make missionary position feel amazing
Our best tips and tricks for making missionary better than basic
Sexual Health and Wellness
What to do when sex hurts
Dyspareunia, or pain during sex, is more common than you might think
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