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Sexual Health and Wellness
Why (and how) providers should get consent in the exam room
Using the principles of explicit consent to give patients better care
Sexual Health and Wellness
How to clean your vagina
We asked an expert so you don't have to
Birth Control
Meet Annovera, a new type of birth control
It’s a new ring that only needs to be replaced once a year
Lifestyle and Inspiration
These 6 sensual practices will help you get grounded
And they may just help you feel slightly alive again
Sexual Health and Wellness
How to protect your privacy when getting birth control or STI tests in the mail
It’s not as scary as it sounds
Lifestyle and Inspiration
7 essential (and free) self-care habits during quarantine
Because you’re worth it
Lifestyle and Inspiration
5 ways to let your sleepwear style inspire your bedroom behavior
How to put that oversized t-shirt to work
Sexual Health and Wellness
How to get tested (and treated) for STIs without leaving your house
Telehealth options for STI testing can make life easier
Sex and Relationships
May is Masturbation Month and lockdown is the perfect time to celebrate
A little self-love can go a long way
Sex and Relationships
How to start using sex toys during partnered sex
A guide to sex toy liberation
Sex and Relationships
How to date while social distancing
Sex(ts) and Romance in the Time of COVID
Sex and Relationships
How to make your boss think you’re working from home when really you’re having daytime sex
Put the frisky back into your Friday
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