Pregnancy and fertility
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Pregnancy & fertility
Accidental pregnancy: It's a tough nut
When it comes to making progress toward fewer unplanned pregnancies, looks like we need a good nutcracker.
Pregnancy & fertility
While you're in there: Birth control for right after having a baby
Crib? Check. Lamaze classes? Check. Postpartum birth control plan? Make sure that’s on your checklist too.
Pregnancy & fertility
Infertility is going down among U.S. women
Despite hype to the contrary, that biological clock might not be ticking as fast as you thought...
Pregnancy & fertility
Taking medication? Stay on top of birth control
If you’re on medication and planning a pregnancy—or not doing much to prevent one—talk with your health care provider.
Pregnancy & fertility
“Add a dash of sperm and blammo! It’s baby time.”
Pregnancy & fertility
The facts of life: Fertility edition
Birth control
Breaking News: A big win for emergency contraceptive access
Allowing access to emergency contraception without a prescription is a win for women of all ages.
Pregnancy & fertility
Too close 4 comfort
If you’re having sex without birth control, it’s just a matter of time…
Pregnancy & fertility
Baby basics
Trust us: Sperm will find a way.
Pregnancy & fertility
The magical powers of semen...
Apparently there's still a lot to learn about baby-makin' (and we're not talking sex tips).
Birth control
Before you panic about condom problems...
Recent headlines about condom failure don't take into account the source.
Pregnancy & fertility
Jump to conclusions
What happens if you go at it like bunnies then hop around?
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