Sex and science
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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
Is bacterial vaginosis an STI?
Just when you thought the list couldn't possibly get any longer...
Better sex
Lubricant: U.S. women agree it's not just for engines
Lube may not be just for engines, but it gets lots of engines running, if you know what we mean.
Birth control
I’m trans. Do I need birth control?
Maybe, it depends on what parts you and your partner have and what you're doing with them
Birth control
Remote-controlled birth control?
16-year birth control that can be switched on and off by remote control? It's in the works!
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
Sex toys and smooching: Can they give you HPV?
The latest in HPV: Good news for folks who kiss someone with oral HPV, not so much for those who share sex toys.
Pregnancy & fertility
A quickie guide to male reproductive anatomy
Better sex
Want better sex? Give it time.
New research finds that getting to know your partner leads to better sex.
Pregnancy & fertility
The facts of life: Fertility edition
Birth control
The pill, only when you get lucky
Imagine: things get hot and heavy, you pop a pill, and bam—you're covered against pregnancy.
Birth control
Research finds sex is still good with condoms
Not-so-shocking news: People like sex, whether or not it involves using a condom.
Something for the (IUD insertion) pain...
New research finds that misoprostol doesn't make getting an IUD hurt any less.
Birth control
The more you know...
...the better you'll be at avoiding an accidental pregnancy.
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