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Birth control
Birth control methods with estrogen may boost vitamin D
The TLDR: Vitamin D levels benefit from supplements (duh), but birth control with estrogen may also make a difference.
Birth control
Risky business 2: Migraines, high blood pressure, and blood clots
For women with certain medical conditions, some birth control types are riskier than others.
Johanna, 28, IUD and emergency contraception
The likes far outweigh the don’t likes.
Can an IUD improve your sex life?
The IUD is a low-maintenance way to prevent pregnancy—but new research suggests it might have perks for your sex life too.
"Not right now"
Tee, 21, not right now
If we’re going to have sex, we need to have this conversation.
FAQs - Spermicide
Is there anything I can do if spermicide is irritating me?
I find spermicide irritating.
FAQs - Birth control shot (Depo-Provera)
Is it normal to get headaches from the shot?
I'm getting headaches.
FAQs - Birth control patch
What if I don't like the hormonal side effects of the patch?
I don't like the hormonal side effects.
FAQs - Birth control patch
What should I do about skin irritation from the patch?
I'm having some skin irritation.
FAQs - Birth control ring
Is it a problem if I'm getting vaginal discharge from the ring?
I'm getting vaginal discharge.
Is there anything that helps with IUD insertion pain?
I'm afraid that getting the IUD inserted will hurt.
FAQs - Condom
What if condoms are reducing my partner's sensitivity?
My partner says it reduces his sensitivity.
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