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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs, STIs)
Sex and drugs get safer
Looks like Americans are taking HIV a bit more seriously these days.
Pregnancy & fertility
Know what’s risky? Pregnancy.
Just another reason why you should get on birth control...
Birth control
Some good news about birth control and heart health
Fall in love! Studies show that progestin-only methods don't affect your pitter patter.
Birth control
Birth control with benefits
It's not only about pregnancy prevention.
Birth control
Blame it on the pill (again)
Study alleges that the pill may cause prostate cancer—we remain unconvinced.
Birth control pill
The pill messes with memory? Forget about it!
Media report that the pill affects memory—but does the research hold up?
Birth control
Baby in one hand… birth control in the other
Careful, not all methods are safe for new moms to use.
Birth control pill
Can the pill make you choose the wrong guy?
If only finding Mr. Right were as simple as sniffing a t-shirt...
Emergency contraception
The Yuzpe method: Effective emergency contraception dating back to the ‘70s
Did you know there are four different types of EC? The Yuzpe method is one of them and it involves using the birth control pills you may already take.
Birth control pill
Pill perfection: Choosing the right pill for you
Let us demystify all the latest pill options so you can find one that fits.
Birth control ring
Alexandria, 21, the ring
It's really simple—it can't go too far up.
Birth control
Nasty aspirin
Lawyers make everything sound scary.
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