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Just had a baby? Congrats and good luck! Now, what birth control are you using?

A break is definitely the best thing for your body right after a pregnancy, but if you’re not exclusively breastfeeding in a very particular way, you can ovulate as soon as three weeks after birth…

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The good, the bad, and the fine print.

Any prescription birth control method you buy in the United States comes with a square of delicately thin paper, folded until it won’t fold any more, covered in teeny-tiny print. It’s called a “package insert” or a “label”—and it may be telling you lies.

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There are some good reasons for making the birth control pill available at pharmacies, no prescription needed.

In 2012, a small Pennsylvania college made national headlines for putting packs of the emergency contraceptive pill Plan B in a vending machine in their student health center. Imagine the uproar if that vending machine had packs of the pill in it, too.