February horoscopes: Roses are red and you’re unstoppable

What tantalizing tale do the stars hold for you this winter? Will you be struck by Cupid’s arrow or play the field? Accomplish something big or spend some quality time with yourself? See what’s in the stars for you this February.

Your energy is straight-up electric right now and the sexy sparks you’re throwing off are likely to attract the attention of a love interest who’s been looking for a total original like you. The question will be whether they have the right balance of “know” to go with the O, since intelligence is key to keeping you interested. (Hint: If you can run circles around them, they’re probably not the one.) Luckily, you’ve got lots of absorbing endeavors keeping you busy this month, so you’ll be happy to redirect that energy if things fizzle on the relationship front.

You’re all about bringing home the bacon this month. You’re working hard to save up some cash for everything from new duds to fancy dates, and you deserve to indulge. Just try to be strategic about spending rather than letting impulse make your decisions—especially at the end of the month. Valentine’s Day is likely to be full of O-inducing intimacy. Picture long hours of soul sharing, leading up to a very physical conclusion. (Lucky you!)

This month you hit an all-year high in terms of personal magnetism and you’ll be feeling off-the-hook sexy. Early in the month you may notice things falling into place with your love life, whatever that looks like for you. You might find yourself wanting to explore your dominant side this Valentine’s Day, whether that means trying on new fetish gear or experimenting with consensual power play. You’re like a sexual bombshell right now, so know your own strength and be careful not to blow a crater in someone’s heart, especially around the 24th.

Don’t get frustrated if it feels like your love life is in hibernation mode—take advantage of the chance for reflection during the lull. You might be feeling introverted after trying unsuccessfully to communicate your thoughts and perspective. Maybe you haven’t found the empathetic ear you need yet, but please know that what you have to say is valid. While sex has the potential to reach juicy emotional heights this month, you may do some of your best work solo. Treat yourself to an O for Valentine’s Day, with or without a partner.

This month has adventure written all over it. You may even pack up and jet-set for a tropical midwinter vacay. (Don’t forget to bring along some friends and keep the SAD at bay.) This is a time for sudden shifts in the boundaries defining your relationships, so don’t be surprised if a friend wants to move out of the friend-zone and be your Valentine. After February 18th, you may encounter some friction or disappointment in the workplace. Counter the stress by filling your calendar with something to look forward to, like quality time with someone irresistible.

All you want is enough time to finally connect with your love interest, but somehow obligations keep getting in the way. Don’t give in to frustration—the heat is building and you’ll be ready to boil over (in bed) come the 25th. Savor the mounting tension, then charm their pants off with your mind-blowing cooking skills. Careful with extremes, though. You can keep your sexual health in balance by remaining sensitive to your body and your intuition (and taking all the right precautions, obviously).

You’re high-spirited, full of sexual spark, and have a lion-sized hunger for pleasure this month. Same old same old simply isn’t gonna’ cut it. You’ll want the exotic—a lover who expands your horizons. Luckily, a Valentine’s date with somebody outside of your usual range will bring unexpected delight. In fact, after the 24th things may go so well that you find yourself getting sucked into a love-vortex of romantic adventure. The temptation will be powerful, but try to be realistic. Is it really a good idea to pack up your bags and vamanos to Spain right now?

Though the sex is yummy and intimate this month, you have to admit that the financial cush in your current relationship feels good too. You may have unwittingly struck gold in a partner who likes to spoil you. Enjoy it, but keep boundaries in mind. You are amazing at meeting your lover’s needs, but you also need to know when you’re overdoing it and should take it down a notch. Around the end of the month you’ll learn some hot new moves and skyrocket your sex life to thrilling new heights. (Don’t forget the birth control!)

You’re a master at smoothing out relationship wrinkles, but this month the task may seem overwhelming. Whether you’re in a relationship or gunning to get with your crush, the only thing that’s sure is that change is in the air. Don’t let the uncertainty make you feel wobbly or worried—you can always trust your love instincts. Your instincts may be telling you to break the silence and deal with some built-up anger you’ve been repressing. Tackle those feelings head-on and you could be through the woods in time for some hot V-day make-up sex!

There’s a lover in your midst who’s in need of some sexual healing—and who better to help with that than you? You see deeply into the situation and know exactly what should be done. Just be careful not to go overboard in the role of “fixer” in your personal or professional life. Otherwise, sudden demands at work combined with your take-charge attitude could have you in over your head toward the end of the month. Make extra-sure to preserve your “you” time. Even if you feel like you can handle it all, it’s essential for you to unwind from the day and recharge in your own company.

You’ve navigated some tough relationship situations, and now you’re finally seeing the payoff for your patience and maturity. You’ll be rewarded with a growing, stable relationship this month—not to mention a blazing sex life! (Let’s just say you should have no problem making V-day an O day. Make sure your birth control is ready.) Your honesty is one of your best qualities, but be careful around the end of the month not to stick your foot in your mouth. Sometimes, it really is best not to say it.

Your hottest sex fantasies consist of curling up in your warm den with your sweetie. Fortunately, you know that things don’t have to be adventurous to be crazy fulfilling. Make the most of your bookish cravings this month by honing your sexpertise. Toward the end of the month some family drama may get you down. Chin up—you’ll get through it no problem if you tap into your usual maturity.

Whatever February has in store for you, we know you’ll make it come up roses.


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