March horoscopes: Listen to your heart

Venus in retrograde can mean challenges for all the signs, especially in matters of the heart. The good news? This is an opportunity to look inward and work through your own unique heart issues. See what areas for reflection and growth are likely to come up for your sign this month.

Money, money, money. It affects everything from self-confidence to sense of security—and usually you have an uncanny ability to manifest it without needing to micro-manage. You’ve got a lust for life and your lifestyle reflects that, but this month you might be feeling the pinch in your bank account. Don’t let stress about money get you down—you’ll get through this with a bit of faith and budgeting. BTW, if you’ve got a sweetie in your life, this could be a great time to let down your guard and allow them to help you out.

After some big changes, you’ve really come into yourself, and you’re exploring love and sex in a brand new way. So what’s up with the deep doubts about yourself this month? Take a deep breath and relax. The doubts you are feeling are normal growing pains, and there’s no need to let them kill your vibe. Keep your support system close (yes, chocolate counts), and don’t be so hard on yourself.

We all have times when we wake up to greater awareness—and this is one of those moments. Have you been as compassionate and empathetic as you could be? Are you striking the right balance between giving and receiving? You’re feeling super-sensitive and thinking about the deep stuff this month, putting substance before lust. All this contemplation may make you feel introverted, but don’t let it paralyze you. BTW, like attracts like, so your desire to probe your own depths may mean that a deep and thoughtful partnership is on its way into your life.

Your social circle is always lively, but this month it’s throwing some shade your way. You might find yourself pushed backstage by jealous frenemies or forced to make amends after a clash with someone you care about. If you had your way, you’d fix all your problems by lightening the mood and letting things go. Not everyone operates that way though, so getting your relationships in order may require your best PR tricks. Conflict is never fun, but remember it can serve a purpose. Going through rough patches can strengthen friendship in the long run. It can also reveal unhealthy dynamics so you can change them or walk away. Focus on being honest and kind, and resist the urge to bolt when things get uncomfortable.

You’re an intriguing blend of go-getter and homebody. This month, your go-getter side is taking charge as you aim to get to the top of your professional game. Why the urgency? Let’s just say it may have something to do with attracting that class-act lover you’ve been eyeing. Playing the overachiever has its highs, but watch out for burnout. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your resume won’t be either. Besides, do you really want a lover who only wants you for your professional achievements? Luckily, you’ve got big, sensitive emotions to tell you when you’ve reached your work limit. Listen to them.

Your tastes are BIG this month, with dreams of long-distance travel, exotic lovers, and luxurious dates. Unfortunately, your vision may be greater than your reality at the moment and you might feel frustrated by life’s limitations. Even if you’re disappointed with life’s pace right now, don’t let your enthusiasm die. With patience, the bigness you’re feeling can fuel positive changes in the future. Resist the temptation to do something impulsive just because you’re restless. Dream big, write it all down, then focus your momentum next month. Things will come together!

You’ve always been on your adulting game, but this month, you’ll realize you’ve left sex out of the master plan. You definitely need the release, so you may want to make recovering your mojo a priority ASAP. The process might present some roadblocks, but you’ll overcome them. Just remember, you are an orgasm waiting to happen. It’s tempting to get over-analytical about your physicality, so when in doubt, focus on your sense of pleasure. This is a perfect time to discover juicy new things in the bedroom if you’re open to the journey. (Hint: Opening up and letting yourself be vulnerable will help.)

It’s looking like an ideal time for you to come to terms with what you really want in a relationship. Are the sacrifices you’ve made getting you where you want to be, or is the give and take starting to feel like all give and no take? Whatever you decide, don’t blame yourself for having a low moment. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out whether a relationship is just going through some turbulence or whether it’s run its course. While you’re figuring it out, sink into some delicious self-love and trust your supportive friendships. When the fog clears, you’ll know what to do.

You’re an all-or-nothing sort of person, and this month it seems like you’re all about indulgence. Your current vice? Laziness. You’re finding it hard to stay disciplined, even though you really want to be—and feeling like a slacker isn’t exactly doing wonders for your self-esteem. Give yourself a break. The truth is, you’re only equipped to deal with the bare necessities right now. You need a lot of down time—and a lot of get-down time. And that’s fine. Really. Make a clear list of the bare-minimum things you absolutely have to get done and let the rest go. You’ll get it together next month.

Your creative juices are flowing right now, and you want to express yourself in all possible ways. Sexually, flirtatiously, and artistically, you’re a force to be reckoned with. But as you play, you may realize that others aren’t putting as much into the game as you are. Please don’t let this discourage you. Your free-spirited nature can challenge more conservative types, and that’s not a bad thing. If you find yourself playing with someone who’s not into the game, find someone who appreciates your adventurous spirit and play with them instead! You’re a master of “you only live once,” so don’t waste a minute.

You spend a lot of time getting sh*& done, but you also need a comfy home space where you can get off your feet (and just get off, period). But something feels off in your sanctuary lately, and you may find yourself wanting to redecorate. Before you hit IKEA or spend hours looking for inspiration on Pinterest, take a moment to think about what you really need from home. Is it a more relaxing shade of green in the living room, or is it deeper emotional nurturing? Your feelings of restlessness might be more about self-care than your physical environment—how about concentrating first on creating a sanctuary inside yourself? We’re betting your place will automatically feel cozier when you do.

Your communication in relationships is usually rational and effective, but this month you’re struggling to feel heard. It may feel like you and your boo are speaking different languages—at least outside the bedroom—and you’re wondering how to get your message through. Here’s the thing: your intelligence can be irresistibly sexy, but it can also be intimidating. Try spelling things out more simply, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, and you may be surprised by how well your sweetie actually gets you.

Whatever challenges you’re facing this month, keep your heart open and your birth control covered.


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