May horoscopes: Get by with a little help from your friends

“Alone, bad. Friend, good.” ~ Bride of Frankenstein

For better, for worse. For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health. We’re talking, of course, about true friends. They share laughs, make amazing memories, and help you pick up the pieces if someone breaks your heart. They’re even good for your health. This month we’re seeing what the stars have in store for you and your besties.

You pride yourself on your ability to hang in through rough patches in your friendships, but early this month you can’t shake the feeling that one of your friends is taking advantage. You’re incredibly generous and strong as hell, but even you have your limits. It may be time to tell this needy friend how drained you’re feeling. Hang in there and the end of the month should bring some relief for both of you.

Something about talking to you makes people feel lighter, and this is a great month to put smiles on some gloomy faces. You’ve got extra energy, so why not throw a little get-together for your friends and spread that “no worries” love? Let’s face it—you’re the best one in your social circle to make something happen, and your VIPs will be grateful for the excuse to get out and enjoy themselves.

The only thing that makes you happier than helping those in need is doing it in the company of a few of your favorite people. That’s right—you and your besties are gonna’ find some great causes to throw yourselves into this month. Go all in, but keep an eye on your limits. You’re more emotional than some of your friends and overdoing it can make you a cranky crab. You’ll maximize the joy and minimize the stress if you just notice when you need a breather.

Right now you’re finding certain exotic friendships extremely stimulating. You’ve been hanging with adventurous people and broadening your horizons. This month is so not gonna’ be boring. You may even find yourself (finally) heading overseas with a new bestie. Just make sure you plan things out rather than going solely on impulse, or reality could hit hard at the end of the month (especially in your bank account).

Some interesting friendships are blossoming at work this month. Your little crew has more in common than a shared loathing of staff meetings—you’re also united by an open-minded and curious approach to sexuality. This could be a good time to explore some edgy bonding by joining an erotica book club or taking a pole dancing class together. You’ll boost your confidence, strengthen your friendships, and might even meet a hot new love interest in the process.

Tempted to make amends with a frenemy? It’s a good month for it. It’s likely you’ll be the one to initiate the make-up process, since you’re feeling openhearted and ready to purge your life of petty drama. In fact, you may find yourself initiating lots of things this month. You’re feeling active, vivacious, and sassy, and all of your friends are gonna’ want in on what you’ve got going on.

Your love life has you straight-up hooked right now. There’s nothing wrong with reveling in the glory of an amazing romance, but take a moment to think when you last checked in with your friends. You don’t want to burn too hard or too fast with your bae, and the (other) people who love you deserve some quality time too. Tear yourself away for a friend date, or plan some group activities. Bonus: The time you and your boo spend apart or with others will make being alone together again even more delicious.

You’ve got it going on when it comes to your social life this month, which is just how you like it. By all means, engage and be your fabulous, well-informed self, but be careful not to turn every casual party convo into a fiery debate. When you get revved up, it can be hard to cool you down. You’ll catch more bees with honey in your crusade for the truth, so play the long-game and focus on connecting with rather than alienating those around you—especially after the 25th.

Your friends love you for your work hard, play hard lifestyle, and they know they’ve got to keep up if they’re gonna’ hang with you. (This may explain why you tend to be tight with your coworkers.) This month, especially early on, you’ll be crushing it in your career and the after-work drink invites from work buddies will abound. Don’t forget the play hard part of your recipe for success—let loose and enjoy! (Oh, and don’t forget to party safe either.)

This month is about one thing, and one thing only: F.U.N. You are playful and spontaneous, and the world is your oyster. Your friends are along for the ride and loving every moment. You get to be the one who pushes everybody out of their comfort zones—in a good way. Mid-month will be an ideal time to just go with the flow and see where the May magic takes your friendships.

You tend to vibe with the people closest to you on an unspoken level. (Sometimes it’s like you can read each other’s minds—which might be creepy if it weren’t so cool.) For some reason the signal is a bit fuzzy this month and a big miscommunication could throw one of your friendships for a loop. Make an effort not to take things too personally right now. Focus on keeping your communication super clear to avoid any confusion and make sure everyone stays on the same page, especially after the 25th.

Your constant optimism and dynamic energy make you a source of motivation and inspiration for your friends. Only downside of your dynamism is that you can be, ahem, impulsive in your words. This month you may find yourself blurting out advice that your friends don’t really want to hear. Your well-intentioned outbursts may lead to some clumsy misunderstandings in the first week of May. Luckily, mid-way through the month you’ll find a graceful way to backpedal through any remaining resentment.

If you’re suddenly inspired to text your besties and plan a road trip or a music festival adventure, we say go for it. If that sounds ambitious, a night of wine and Netflix will do the trick too.

It’s all about the company,

P.S. You and your friends can also help inform and support each other when it comes to sexual health. Here are some tips for starting a conversation.

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