June horoscopes: Get ready to turn up the heat

The season of sunscreen, sandals, and bug spray has arrived! But this month isn’t just about BBQs, beach trips, and weddings. See what the stars have in store for you this June—in love and in the bedroom.

Your exceptional communication skills will come in handy this month when you need to weather some unexpected relationship challenges. Whether you’re dealing with conflicts at work, with friends, or with your boo, you have a way of staying positive while you navigate toward satisfactory solutions. Best of all, your skills aren’t limited to problem-solving. In late June, your cool-headed ability with words may serve as very hot foreplay to somebody special.

When you’re hot, you’re hot—and when you’re not, you’re not. Get ready for a month of extremes in your sex life. One minute you’ll be boiling with passions you can barely control, the next you’ll be cool as a cucumber. Try not to let the powerful impulses make you reckless, especially at the end of the month. Your love interest’s feelings could be at stake.

Are you basking in the feel-good glow of infatuation? You are being luxuriously cared for and that is awesome (and totally addictive). Alas, the rest of your life needs care and maintenance too—like, ahem, work. We know it won’t be easy to tear yourself away from your delicious love-nest, but it’ll be worth it in the long run to stay on the ball and out of trouble.

Whether as mediator or peacemaker, you may find yourself sorting out drama this month. You love to help, so it’ll feel natural for you to step in, but conflict and drama can also stress you out. Take a break or opt out if it gets to be too much. Luckily, things are going well in your wallet these days! Why not treat yourself to a massage and a new toy to help you relax?

This June your milkshake is bringing all the boys to the yard. You feel juicy and swollen in all the right ways, and love is ripe for the picking. It’s a magical time, just watch out for some sticky emotional moments between you and your sweetie around the end of the month. Your amazing ability to keep the peace will come in handy, allowing you to diffuse any clashes that may come up.

You are super intense about your love life—like, you want love, and you want it now. We know it can be hard to casually let attraction work its magic without obsessing, but you won’t have to hold out for long. Feel free to let yourself plunge head-first into a deep, emotional, red-hot romance around the end of the month. Just make sure you’re not going too all-or-nothing too quickly—it takes time to build a lasting relationship.

Just when you thought some choppy relationship waters had calmed, something rocks the boat. You and your partner may have to backtrack in order to fix things. Fortunately, the lessons you’ve learned this year about committing to the long haul are serving you well, and you know you can stick it out through the tough stuff. The light at the end of the tunnel is a deeper connection than you ever imagined—and the mind-blowing sex that comes with it!

Your love life is all-consuming right now, and your level-headed nature may not want to deal with the drama. Prepare to ride the waves of some major relationship extremes, especially at the end of the month. The good news? All the intensity will reveal your love needs in a whole new way, and the sex will be deeper than deep. Don’t forget to cover your birth control bases so you don’t get in over your head.

Luck, love, and FUN! This month holds so much goodness for you. Even setbacks are no big deal since you’ll feel like the world is your oyster. Bonus: Your vibe is attracting some serious contenders for your partnership, and you can keep your eyes open for that perfect blend of a best friend and a creative lover who’s not afraid to let their freak flag fly. You may not have to look for much longer.

June may bring some relationship trouble that makes you feel vulnerable and overwhelmed. You find it hard to be logical when your emotions are in overdrive, but once you let go and just experience your feelings, the way will be clear and you’ll know exactly what to do. The end of the month leads you to a beautiful resolution that may even blossom into some next-level intimacy.

There’s nothing you love more than a blaze between the sheets, and your current flame has you all fired up. But is the timing off between you? During the first week of June, it may feel like some setbacks are slowing things down. Consider examining your own expectations rather than trying to troubleshoot the relationship. Toward the end of the month, your patience will pay off in a wow kind of way when your partner turns up the heat again.

This month brings an intoxicating brew of your favorite flavors: slow, sensual, and sexy. You feel seductive and flirtatious, and every date you go on seems to have major potential. As you know, it’s all about pacing, so enjoy the slow build toward some spectacular sex at the very end of the month. Consider clearing your schedule to prepare for many hours in bed—and make sure your birth control is ready for the action.

Enjoy the long days,

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