August horoscopes: Shine bright (and don’t be shady)

Whether there’s a summer fling in your future or a last-minute solo-trip, August is the perfect time to step into your personal spotlight. No matter what’s in store, we’ve got you covered like sunscreen. Here’s what’s written in the stars for you this month.

You adore a good time, but you don’t normally indulge until all your work is done. Sometimes partying has to take a backseat, but this month you’ll have energy for both work and play. Just make sure you carve out time to relax and recharge. Burning the candle at both ends could leave you facing burnout—especially toward the end of the month.

You’re craving introspection, and that’s a perfectly normal way to gain clarity on your love life. Bae might want answers before you actually have them, but it’s okay to be fierce about your need for some personal space. If you take the necessary time to make sense of your confusion, you’ll have ample insight by the end of the month.

You’re a devoted friend, a generous lover, and a natural peacemaker. While you love playing these roles, they keep you very busy. Your calendar is jam-packed with social obligations and steamy romance this month, so be sure to set clear boundaries around how you spend your time.

Your knack for making great first impressions will come in handy this month as you soar up the corporate ladder. Everyone knows you’re the sexpert of the zodiac, but you’ll also find plenty of opportunities to make your professional mark on the world. (Just be kind to others as you rise to power.) Bonus: Every work-win you experience yields double the reward, because successes in the boardroom bring more confidence in bed.

Good thing you’ve worked hard to cultivate your inner strength—this month you’re really going to need it! Though you’re typically more whimsical than aggressive, there are aspects of your relationship that will require a firm hand. Being able to affirm your power—both to yourself and to your partner—will help your love life blossom in new ways.

There are few things you love more than order at home, but you might need to compromise a bit this month. This isn’t the time to break out your Sharpie and write your name on every surface. Instead, talk to your partner about how to respect each other’s things. Maybe it’s a matter of setting clearer boundaries, or maybe you and Bae have been playing house too much. Whatever the reason, clear communication will help ease tensions—this is totally something you can conquer!

You’re not usually one to start an argument, but this month you’re in rare form. You’re constantly triggered by conversations with people who don’t know what they’re talking about. Though it’s tempting to tell everyone exactly why they’re wrong, try to choose your battles wisely. Being right isn’t always worth losing a friend or lover. It’s okay to bite your tongue from time to time.

Vulnerability and sincerity are two of your biggest strengths, and this month they’ll get you through some really awkward moments. Frequent miscommunications might make you want to hide in bed, but you don’t have to. Everyone can see your good intentions (even your boo). We all have moments when we say the wrong thing, so try not to put too much pressure on yourself.

You know how it is when you’re in the throes of a passionate summer fling—you start to wonder if you should DTR. Though temptation to define the relationship is strong, you’re not blind. Bae isn’t perfect, and you aren’t sure if it’s worth the risk. Proceed with caution while enjoying the mind-blowing physical connection. By the end of the month, you’ll know for sure where things are going. In the meantime, enjoy! (But don’t forget the birth control.)

You sense some major changes coming, and you’re right. Early in the month, an unexpected eye-opener will hit your relationship. Have you been as close with your partner as you thought? This realization might be a signal that it’s time to put more work into keeping your spark alive. Fresh effort from both of you has the power to reinvigorate the intimacy.

You are enjoying the intoxication of your brand new romance, but if your new boo broaches the idea of commitment too soon, you’re likely to close up. Your lover might accuse you of being flakey, but you know that’s not true. You’re making an effort to take relationships more seriously, and you won’t commit unless you’re absolutely sure.

You’re feeling romantic and playful at the start of this month, so be sure to get away for a tryst (or two)—because this free-spirited vibe won’t last forever. By mid-month, you’ll be working through a bit of chaos in your love life. Luckily, though emotions may run high, the issues aren’t unbeatable. You and Bae will be back on track by the end of the month.

Make the most of that summer magic—and stay on top of your birth control.


P.S. No matter what your goals are, birth control has your back. Watch 5 real women talk about how birth control is helping them win their future.

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