Written in the stars: Sex for every zodiac sign

Great sex isn’t just for Scorpios. Here’s what your astrological sign says about you (in bed).

Have you ever wondered what your zodiac sign can tell you about your sex life? Astrologer and Broadly columnist Annabel Gat gave us the lowdown on how our zodiac signs influence our bedroom behavior.

As the sexiest sign in the zodiac, Gat says elements of danger and taboo are key for Scorpios. “Even if you’ve been in a relationship with them for ten years—coming up with a way to make what you guys are doing sneaky is definitely a good way to keep passion alive.”

Sagittarius is known as the two-timer of the zodiac. Known for not wanting to settle down, Gat says they’re actually pretty loyal once they do. To keep the fire alive, Gat says to keep pushing boundaries and trying new things.

Some people think of Capricorn as a more serious sign, but Gat says they’re represented by “The Devil” tarot card. “You cannot convince me that the devil doesn’t know how to have a good time in bed,“ she says. Start with a relaxing massage, and go as wild as you’d like.

Aquarius is the sign of the innovator, so you might want to channel your inner Tesla and bring some gadgets into the bedroom. “Whether it’s an electric vibrator or some other kind of toy, bringing in different ways to innovate is a good idea,” Gat says.

While Pisces are known as easy-going folks, in bed they like to take charge. Being on top and in control is a great turn-on for them. Also, if you’re going to seduce this water sign, consider sex in the shower, the bathtub, or even the beach.

According to Gat, Aries lovers like it hard and fast. Getting an Aries to slow down, however, can actually help them maximize their pleasure. “Aries can put a lot of pressure on themselves to reach the climax and have it be big and crazy,” she says. “If someone can get them to be in the present that is really exciting for them.”

While this bullish sign is known for being stubborn, Taurus lovers can be pretty relaxed in bed. Gat suggests any position that involves maximum skin-on-skin contact and drawn out pleasure.

The super chatty Gemini loves to talk dirty. “They don’t really care about the position,” Gat says. “Unless you’re going to describe the position to them in lovely detail.” Talking dirty isn’t just foreplay, though. Try whispering to Gemini while you’re having sex, and see what surprises unfold.

Whether they’re just hooking up or in a monogamous relationship, Gats says Cancers need the freedom to laugh, cry, tickle, or giggle while they’re getting it on. “They need to be in an environment that says it’s okay to be as wild and crazy as they want to be.”

“Leos are the exhibitionists of the zodiac,” Gat says. “So try slipping a finger in somewhere when you’re at the park, or making out at a bar. They’re going to be into that.” Whatever position you decide to try at home, it should probably start before you actually get there.

Even though they’re considered the virgins of the zodiac, Gat says most Virgos are very in touch with their sexuality. Giving pleasure is most important for them, so Gat suggests they remember to receive as much as they give.

Though Libras can be a bit conservative, Gat says they’re notorious flirts. “For them to be happy in their sex life, they kind of need to be able to flirt with whomever they want to whenever they feel like it.” While that doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to settle down, they do like to mix it up and be social.

This is just the tip of the zodiac iceberg. If you want a more complete picture of your astrological sex life, Gat suggests looking at the position of Mars and Venus in your birth chart. (We suggest making sure your birth control is covered.)


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