Wanna make some love with us on Valentine's Day?

Whether it’s sexy cookies or naughty origami, we’re all about encouraging you to make love. So this Valentine’s Day, regardless of your relationship status, we want you to build your bae with us. If you’re single, you can build the person of your dreams. In a relationship? Create a paper version of your real life boo. Not into building a fantasy partner? Build yourself!

Think of it as a vision board for your heart.

How to build your bae

Step 1: Choose your boo’s body. (Select from B/W or a color version.)
Step 2: Pick clothes and accessories to channel their personal style (flannels, beards, black dresses etc).
Step 3: Select random items to show off what’s important to you (and them).
Step 4: Print out the sheets on card stock or regular printer paper.
Step 5: Cut out all of your pieces.
Step 6: Place your favorites on (and near) your boo.
Step 7: Channel your inner “it-couple” by sharing pics on social. Use #MakeSomeLove and tag @Bedsider

Ready to get crafty with us download all the good stuff here! And no matter what you decide to do with your boo-thing once you’ve finished, spending a little time thinking about your dream partner just helps you get clear about what you want.



P.S. Wanna see how other people built their perfect partner? We’ve got videos!.

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