Real Stories: Beyond the pill

The pill is a birth control classic—but it’s not right for everyone. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be.

We’re so freaking glad birth control pills exist. We’re also glad they’re not the only game in town when it comes to pregnancy prevention. Since the FDA approved the first pills more than 50 years ago, this wonderful concept has bloomed into a bunch of different methods. Yet even with all these options, many of us start with the pill when we decide to go on birth control. But what if the pill’s not a fit for you?

You’re SO not alone. Here are 8 people who found life—and birth control they love—beyond the pill.

Mary Lide, 26, IUD

Mary Lide didn’t notice any issues while she was on the pill—but when she stopped, she realized she hadn’t felt like herself when she was taking it. After her experience with the hormones in the pill, Mary worried she wouldn’t like the hormonal IUD, but after talking with her doctor she decided to give it a try. She’s never looked back!

Emily, 19, condom

After getting pregnant while on the pill, Emily decided to switch to condoms since she didn’t trust herself to use the pill correctly. For her, condoms are more effective because she always remembers to use them.

Ruchika, 27, IUD

As a busy med student, Ruchika had trouble remembering to take her pill—and she noticed a few side effects she didn’t love. Ruchika figured the best way to make sure she didn’t have to worry about birth control for a while would be to get an IUD. She loves the peace of mind her IUD gives her—and its no-periods effect is pretty sweet too.

Kristin, 28, the patch

Kristin quit the pill because she suspected it might be affecting her emotionally and making her gain weight. The patch seems to be a better fit, and she likes that she only needs to change it once a week.

Tabitha, 20, IUD

Tabitha found herself stressing out about whether she’d taken her pill each day, so she decided to go for something lower maintenance. Now that she has an IUD, she loves knowing all day every day that her birth control is covered.

Abigail, 19, implant

Between school and work, Abigail was finding it hard to remember her pill every day. Now that she has the implant, birth control is one less thing she has to worry about.

Rachel, 25, diaphragm

Rachel tried a bunch of different pills, but each seemed to cause some negative side effect. She decided to skip the hormones altogether and try the diaphragm. She likes how much control it gives her and how it helps her feel in touch with her body.

Stephanie, 23, the shot

Stephanie knows she’s not ready for kids yet, but when she was on the pill she kept forgetting to take it. Remembering the shot once every 3 months is way easier—she sets a reminder on her phone and has her doctor’s office remind her, so she can be extra sure she’ll never miss an appointment.

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