4 rules for thirst-trapping responsibly

Get ready to let your confidence shine

So, you want to set a thirst trap, but you aren’t quite sure how to pull it off without breaking unwritten social media rules? We got you. A thirst trap done right is a thing of beauty. But there are a few essentials you should know about how to thirst trap responsibly.

  1. No apologies! The first unofficial rule of thirst-trapping is to project confidence in your selfie. That means no apologizing for the clothes you’re wearing, for the shine on your forehead, your bare face, or for dropping the thirst trap on the timeline on a Sunday morning.

  2. Being coy is the key… The goal of a thirst trap is to shine a flattering light on your…assets, without actually saying, “Look at me!” Try pointing out something else in the photo that you like. Ask your followers what they think of a small part of the picture: your hair, your nails, your t-shirt.

  3. …Or you can play it straight. One of the best ways to caption a hot photo of yourself is to say, “No caption needed.” Let the pic be its own statement. Add your favorite emoji to spice it up a little bit or add a flirtatious spin.

  4. Get ready for those comments! Part of the fun of posting a thirst trap is the frisky flirting that goes down in the comments and sometimes the DMs. Keep it cute! And if it leads to some heavy petting later on, remember to stay on top of your birth control…so you can keep it worry-free in the bedroom!

If you haven’t already guessed, the only way to truly thirst trap responsibly is to do it in a way that highlights your best asset without apology. And remember—whatever you’re showing off on the ‘gram, your confidence (in yourself and your birth control) is always hella sexy.


P.S. May is #TalkingIsPower Month, a time to talk to the younger people in your life about love, relationships, and sex. So if you’ve got a younger sibling, niece, nephew, cousin, or a teenager you really care about, check out the Champion Guide for some conversation pointers.

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