Not romantic? 7 ways to woo your boo

It's ok, we got you.

One of the truest stereotypes about being in a relationship with someone is that the “new relationship smell” goes away all too quickly. Oh sure, it’s easy to go the extra mile when you’re trying to get your crush to notice you. But once things have settled down, how do you show your romantic side…if you don’t really have one?

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking romantic gestures have to be big events! If you can’t think of a way to show your boo how much you care, don’t worry. Here are 7 simple-but-foolproof things you can do to make your love’s heart flutter on an ordinary day.

1. Surprise them with their favorite lunch on a weekday. The way to almost anyone’s heart is through their stomach! Pop in on their lunch break with a treat they can’t resist and put a sparkle in their eyes.

2. Leave them short, Post-It love notes every day for a week. Sure, you don’t think you have a romantic side. But do you have a funny one? A silly one? A sexy one? Tell your bae something about them that makes you laugh, swoon, or appreciate them. Or, talk nerdy to them: “You are the Wakanda to my Black Panther.”

3. Start an impromptu 90s dance party with them in your underwear. Okay, doesn’t have to be 90s music, but sometimes dancing together to music you both enjoy can lighten the mood, set the mood, or just give you both another great memory to share.

4. Take a shower or bath together. Show bae your sexy and slippery side with a little tub time. It doesn’t necessarily have to lead to something hot and heavy, but if it does, have fun!

5. Offer to do an activity with them that they enjoy, even if it’s not your thing. So your honey is into wall climbing while you’d rather do a quiet museum stroll? Trying something new, especially if they know it’s not your style, can definitely put heart emojis in their eyes. Keep an open mind and an easygoing attitude about it, and you might even find yourself enjoying it.

6. Make them something. This sounds pretty vague, but that’s because only you know yourself and your bae well enough to say what that special something should be. Are you creative with a pair of knitting needles? A paintbrush? Are you a kitchen goddess or a DIY diva? Put your heart into it and surprise them with a just-because gift that will remind them of you.

7. Buy them That Thing they’ve been wanting. This one is last because romance doesn’t always depends on buying things. But if your bae is a bookworm who really, really wants that new George R. R. Martin Ice and Fire prequel, you’d probably make their day by surprising them with it.


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